The race to stop Las Vegas from running dry

Lake Mead: boaters seen in front of a white

Lake Mead: boaters seen in front of a white “bathtub ring” on the rocks on the upstream side of the Hoover Dam    Photo: Getty

Amid a brutal drought the reservoir that supplies 90 per cent of Las Vegas’s water is fast disappearing and desperate attempts to save Sin City are under way

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Police: Terrorist plot to kidnap, kill cops stopped

AP Sovereign Citizens Police Plot_001

This image provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows David Allen Brutsche, 42, who was arrested on domestic terrorism charges in Las Vegas.(Photo: AP/Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

August 23, 2013

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A sting operation stopped a plot to abduct, torture and kill police officers to bring attention to the antiauthority sovereign citizen movement, Las Vegas police said Thursday.

David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman were arrested at an apartment a few miles off the Vegas Strip before they could carry out a plan to snatch officers, “put them on trial” and execute them in a vacant house, Las Vegas police Lt. James Seebock said.

Federal authorities regard sovereign citizen extremists as domestic terrorists. Authorities have linked sovereign citizens groups with violent confrontations in recent years, including deadly shootings in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Brutsche, 42, and Newman, 67, wanted to draw attention to the group’s rejection of governmental authority, making the case a domestic terror plot, Seebock said.

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