Is Obama Above The Law?

Commentary By Gordon King

Obama seems to have powers above anyone’s control.  He is mystical and magical.  Whatever he touches seems to turn to gold.  Whatever he does seems to be magnificent or just vanish into thin air.  The world is enamored with his charm and charisma.  Obama can do no wrong.  He is the epitome of all that is right and just.  If you believe that, then you have been placed under his spell.

King Obama

The Law.  What is “The Law”?  Is it a set of rules over the people of the country to abide by?  Is the law written only for the citizens of a country and not for it’s leaders?  Are government officials in a class above everyone else and so special that they are immune from the law?  Is the president of the United States so very special that he can commit crimes without any retribution?  Whenever there is a question arising regarding president Obama, it is merely swept under the rug and forgotten.  What ever happened to Benghazi? 

Benghazi embassy attack    Photo from:

Whatever happened to the presidents birth certificate issue?  He was asked to provide proof of citizenship during his presidential election.  After months if not years later, he finally did. 

Obama’s birth certificate      Photo from:

Only it was found to contain many “smoking guns”.  What is that old saying: “where there is smoke there is fire”.  Well, there is obviously a fire.  Yet, it has been swept under the rug.  Why doesn’t the government stand up and confront the president?  What is their fear?  Why aren’t the citizens of this country in protest and angry?  At least a few men have the “Guts” to take a stand and question the president about this issue.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona and Alex Jones are both speaking out about the Obama birth certificate issue.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio    Photo from:  YouTube video below


Alex Jones      Photo from:

Sheriff Joe has once again brought up the issue of Obama’s birth certificate, calling it a fake, a fraud and full of smoke.  He is determined to get to the bottom of the issue and see justice win.  Obama is not above the law.  The crimes he has committed are a Federal offense and punishable by law.  If you or I were to commit such crimes we would surely be locked up in a Federal prison.  What makes Obama so much better than us?  Why is he given a free pass?  Are the government officials above the law?  I think NOT!   In the videos below Sheriff Joe and Alex Jones speak out about this issue.   God Bless these men!

Sheriff Arpaio – Obama’s Birth Certificate is a FAKE


OBAMA’s Birth Certificate Proven Fraudulent – National Security Threat. OBAMA is soooo GREAT!



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