Atheist Group Wants Professor Questioning Evolution Censored

Thousands seek academic freedom for Ball State instructor exploring limits of science



Thousands of people have signed a petition urging officials at Ball State University to defend the academic freedom of an assistant professor of physics who introduced evidence of intelligent design to his students.

Eric Hedin has been targeted by the special-interest group Freedom from Religion Foundation, which claims his teachings should not be allowed at a public university.

 The petition by the Seattle-based Discovery Institute was sent to Ball State President Jo Ann Gora and the school’s board of trustees.

The controversy erupted when FFRF objected to Hedin’s elective seminar called “The Boundaries of Science,” which according to the syllabus explores evidence of intelligent design in nature as well as the limits of scientific knowledge.

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White House petition wants Obama to ban creationism, intelligent design in schools


A petition launched last week on the White House’s “We the People” website calls upon President Barack Obama to issue a decree forbidding the teaching of intelligent design theories in school settings.


The petition, created by someone with the initials A.J. in Vienna, Va. asks the Obama administration to “an Creationism and Intelligent Design in the science classroom as federal law.”


“Since Darwin’s groundbreaking theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, scientists all around the world have found monumental amounts of evidence in favor of the theory, now treated as scientific fact by 99.9% of all scientists,” the petition reads.

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