Government Inequality Continues to Divide!


Ryan Loskarn, center on Dec. 11, was arrested on charges of possession and attempted distribution of child pornography.    Uncredited/AP

Senator Alexander’s fired chief of staff released into home detention

The fired chief of staff for Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander has been set free from jail to await his trial on charges of possession and attempted distribution of child pornography.

Commentary by:  Gordon King

If this man did not work directly for a U.S. Senator, have any money or influence, he would be in prison now awaiting trial and not on home detention.  It is despicable to know that our government does not treat individual citizens of America with equal rights, nor with righteous morals and values.  If this happened to a regular citizen, you can be certain that he or she would not be on home detention, but behind bars!

Just the other day I posted an article of a 16 year old boy who comes from a wealthy family.  He was convicted of manslaughter due to a drunk driving charge.  What was his sentence?  Ten years probation and rehab!  For the death of four people and paralyzing another boy.  (  A person of middle income or less would be sentenced to many years in prison for the same offense!

The inequality in our government is appalling.  Politicians are treated as if they are much better than the rest of us.  Not only are specific individuals treated as if they are “holier than thou”, the government seems to be dividing our country in many other areas including: religion/faith, political ideals, patriotism, income, race, gender, and morality/ethics.

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Increasing injustice between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”

Teen Drink-Drive Killer’s Sentence Slammed

Ethan Couch

Ethan Couch at court. Pic: WFAA

A 16-year-old avoids prison after lawyers argued he had “affluenza” – which reportedly affects the children of wealthy families.

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