Obama’s Indefinite Detention Plan for Citizens!

Another state targets Obama detention plan

www.wnd.com   –  by Bob Unruh


The Washington mandate for citizen detention already has been outlawed in Virginia, and Michigan is working on its plan of defense. Now officials say a state lawmaker in Nevada is trying to help his state catch up – with a “Nevada Liberty Preservation Act” that will be considered in the coming legislative session.

The proposal is pending by state Sen. Don Gustavson, according to officials with Panda, or People Against the National Defense Act.

 The dispute arose over the NDAA law, which was signed by Barack Obama at the end of 2011. It includes sections 1021 and 1022, which essentially “create a new power for the federal government to ‘indefinitely detain’ – without due process – any person. Indefinitely. That’s little different than kidnapping,” said a report from the Tenth Amendment Center.

Michael Boldin, the center’s founder, told WND, “With four more years of the man who not only signed ‘indefinite detention’ into law, but has vigorously defended it in court, there is absolutely zero chance for repeal in Washington, D.C. Our last hope is to stand up and nullify.”

According to the Nevada branch of PANDA, Gustavson’s BDR 728 would “demonstrate the legislature’s commitment to constitutional law and individual liberty by restoring the right to due process to all persons in Nevada. ”

Christopher Corbett, Nevada state coordinator, said, “I appreciate the community support backing up our efforts and the courage of those members of our governing bodies who are willing to actively protect the constitutional rights of their constituents. We need to restore the constitutionally protected right to due process for every American.”

The organization said the federal law supported by Obama “declares the United States to be a battlefield in the war on terror and Section 1021 & 1022 authorize the indefinite detention, without charge or trial, of all persons on U.S. soil suspected of terrorist activity or accused of ‘belligerent behavior.’ This violates at least 23 articles of and amendments to both the U.S. and Nevada constitutions.”

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