TSA Harasses And Shames Yet Another Disabled Veteran

Medal adorned soldier was wearing “too much metal” for security officers

Steve Watson
July 9, 2013

A Purple Heart Marine was groped and swabbed by TSA agents recently at a California airport while on his way to a ceremony to honor him as veteran of the year in his district.

Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz sustained severe injuries from a IED detonation while on duty in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. While traveling to Sacramento, to receive the award, TSA agents at Sacramento International Airport pulled Kemnitz aside for additional screening.

When the screeners ordered him to lift up his arms for a full body scan, the decorated veteran told the TSA goons that because of his injuries, he cannot lift up his right arm.

‘My right arm doesn’t work. It’s a lot of hassle for me to do that,’ Kemnitz told The Military Times.

The screeners then proceeded to probe underneath Kemnitz’s medals, while feeling under the Marine’s waistband and swabbing his shoes for explosives.

Disgusted with his treatment, Kemnitz’s escort Patricia Martin snapped photos of the search and made them public.

“At some places I’m treated like royalty and at some like a terrorist. There’s got to be something in the middle,” Kemnitz told reporters.

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Burglar Hogtied by Tulsa, Okla., Homeowner and Left on Front Lawn For Police

The Houstons saw their daughter’s window had been broken, and then heard sounds from their garage. Denay Houston’s husband then pounced on the burglar and tied his arms behind his back with a rope — a skill developed from his years of working with horses.

 	Police found Robert Cole in front yard, hogtied by the homeowner.

KWTV/KOTV   Police were called to a Tulsa, Okla. home on Wednesday morning and found 31-year-old burglary suspect Robert Cole hogtied on the lawn.


All he needed was a bow.

A Tulsa, Okla., homeowner practically gift-wrapped a present for local police Wednesday when he hogtied a burglary suspect and put him on his front lawn.

Denay Houston said that she and her husband, noticed that their daughter’s window had been broken early Wednesday morning, and then heard sounds coming from the couple’s garage.

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Hero dad who stopped plane passenger opening door mid-flight

and restrained him with shoelaces said he just wanted to protect his son

The man who restrained a passenger trying to open an airplane door mid-flight has been hailed a hero for his quick actions, though he claims he was just trying to protect his son.

Henry Pignataro was on Alaska Airlines Flight 132 from Anchorage to Portland with his ten-year-old son Henry yesterday when Alexander Michael Herrera tried to open the emergency door.

Heroic: Henry Pignataro with his son, also called Henry describe the dramatic events that unfolded yesterday on Alaska Airlines Flight 132

Heroic: Henry Pignataro with his son, also called Henry describe the dramatic events that unfolded yesterday on Alaska Airlines Flight 132

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Hero teacher who talked student gunman out of rampage

A Californian teacher who talked a teenage gunman into handing over his loaded shotgun was praised by police as a hero, and credited with saving the lives of his class.

Ryan Heber with his wife Emmy Lou.

Ryan Heber with his wife Emmy Lou.

Ryan Heber, a science teacher at the Union High School in Taft, where one student was left in a critical condition following America’s latest school shooting on Thursday, confronted the 16-year-old gunman seconds after he had shot his first victim.

“I don’t want to shoot you,” the gunman reportedly told Mr Heber, who had been grazed by a pellet but was still able to coax the teenager into giving up his weapon with the help of with a campus supervisor who had rushed to the classroom after hearing three shotgun blasts.

“This teacher and this counsellor stood there face-to-face not knowing if he was going to shoot them,” the local sheriff, Donny Youngblood, told a press conference Friday. “They probably expected the worst and hoped for the best, but they gave the students a chance to escape. The heroics of these two people goes without saying. They could have just as easily have left students, and they didn’t. They knew not to let him leave the classroom with that shotgun.”

The officials said one female student was taken to hospital with possible hearing damage after the shotgun was fired close to her ear, while another girl suffered minor injuries in the scramble to flee.

Police said that the young gunman, who has not been named because he is a minor, had planned the event as a revenge attack against two other students who had bullied him. His pockets were found to be stuffed with more than 30 shotgun cartridges.

The 9am attack at the school 120 miles north-west of Los Angeles has once again raised questions about school safety, coming just a month after 20 primary school children and six female teachers were killed in a gun rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Joe Biden, the US vice-president, is due to deliver a report to President Barack Obama on Tuesday that is expected to urge tougher gun controls, including a ban on assault weapons.

There remain doubts whether new gun laws banning assault rifles will pass Congress. The National Rifle Association, the powerful gun lobby that opposes any new controls, met Mr Biden on Thursday, but said it was only “checking a box” and remained confident that Congress would not act on gun laws. The NRA has proposed posting armed guards at every US school.


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