Rev. Billy Graham’s health is declining, son says


Evangelist Billy Graham, seen three years ago, is in declining health, his son said Friday.

The famed 95-year-old evangelist’s son said prayers are welcome and that ‘I’m not ever sure he knows Nelson Mandela has passed away,’ one day after the beloved South African president’s death.

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Kindergarten Teacher Lets Children Touch and Taste Her Blood

vial of blood


As a gen­eral rule, you should always avoid another per­sons blood from get­ting into your body.

Cus­toms like “blood broth­ers” or “blood sis­ters” are dan­ger­ous and have many times put peo­ple at risk for con­tract­ing var­i­ous diseases.

On the other hand, if you get some­one else’s blood into your mouth, that’s a whole other ball­game, espe­cially if they are infected with a blood­borne ill­ness. The more blood that gets into your mouth, the greater the risk of infection.

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Senate Shoots Down GMO Labeling Bill

GMO labeling bill

Elizabeth Renter
May 25, 2013

In yet another showing of their lack of concern towards the people who give them their jobs, Senators in Washington D.C. voted against a key GMO labeling amendment to the Farm bill. One that would have allowed states to decide to label the presence of genetically modified ingredients in food products.

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Big Brother Has A New Face, And It’s Your Boss

Big Brother

Paul Hsieh
April 25, 2013e

Recently, the CVS Caremark Corporation began requiring employees to disclose personal health information (including weight, blood pressure, and body fat levels) or else pay an annual $600 fine. Workers must make this information available to the company’s employee “Wellness Program” and sign a form stating that they’re doing so voluntarily.

CVS argues this will help workers “take more responsibility for improving their health.” At one level, this makes a certain sense. Because the company is paying for their employees’ health insurance, they naturally prefer healthier workers. But at a deeper level, CVS’ action demonstrates a growing problem with our current system of employer-provided health insurance. If our bosses must pay for our health care, they will inevitably seek greater control over our lifestyles.

Although most Americans take it for granted that they receive health insurance through the workplace, this is an artifact of federal tax rules from World War II. When the U.S. government imposed wartime wage controls, employers could no longer compete for workers by offering higher salaries. Instead, they competed by offering more generous fringe benefits such as health insurance. In 1943, the IRS ruled that employees did not have to pay tax on health benefits provided by employers; in 1954, the IRS made this permanent.

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This article was posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 12:52 pm


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