Mexico evacuates 5,000 for gasoline pipeline leak

A geyser of gasoline spews from a state-owned pipeline at a field in Tlajomulco, Mexico, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013. Authorities were forced to evacuate thousands of residents living near the pipeline after the large gasoline leak. Officials blamed the accident on fuel thieves. The gasoline did not catch fire and there were no immediate reports of injuries. – AP Photo

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Seven Severed Heads Found on Highway Near Guadalajara, Mexico’s Second-Biggest City

Heads stuffed in plastic bags discovered outside Guadalajara, site of horrific turf battle between warring drug cartels. Two teens found murdered earlier this week.

	Guadalajar, Mexico 

Guadalajara, in western Mexico, has been overrun by drug war violence including beheadings and the assassination of a government official.    Google

Seven severed heads were found along a highway outside  Guadalajara, further gruesome evidence that drug wars in Mexico’s second-biggest city are spiraling out of control.

The heads, stuffed into plastic bags, were discovered on the edge of a highway in Jalisco state, authorities said Wednesday.

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