Do we follow Man or do we follow God?

Artist’s view of a sacrifice to Moloch in Bible Pictures with brief descriptions by Charles Foster, 1897. Original caption: “This is an idol named Molech. A great many people used to pray to this idol. It had the head of a calf, and was made of brass, and it was hollow inside. There was a place in the side to make a fire in it. When it got very hot the wicked people used to put their little children in its arms. The little children were burned to death there. This man in the picture is just going to put a little child in the idol’s arms. Other men are blowing on trumpets and beating on drums, and making a great noise, so that no one can hear the poor little child cry.”

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Who is God? Who is Allah?


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Who is God (Jesus Christ)?  What is he like?  Is he a God of peace, love and mercy?  Or is he a God of evil, hatred and unforgiveness?  How do we know what God is really like?

Well, I will give you a clue.  He shows us what he is like in his words to us.  In the Holy Bible.  In his actions and in his love for us.  God forgives us of all of our sins.  He is merciful.  God loves us unconditionally, even when we sin.  He is always with us, at all times, as long as we accept him into our lives.  He is righteous.  He has given us a free will to accept him or not.  God does no wrong.  He loves us so much that he forgives us even though we do not deserve it.  He sent his Son into the world as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.  Before the world accepted him.  How much more can he love us?

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