Praise God! Give Him Glory and Worship!


Commentary by:  Gordon King

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is worthy of praise and worship.  Let us praise him and give him thanks for all that he has done, is doing and will do for us in the future.

God we praise you for your unwavering love for us, your unconditional support, guidance, wisdom and mercy upon us!

You are worthy of our praise.  We give all of the glory to you oh Lord!  For you are the giver and taker of life.  You are the provider and the keeper of all things.  We are not worthy of your blessings, yet you continue to bless us and forgive us of our sins and wicked ways oh Lord.

I pray that you keep us on the path of righteousness.  Keep us from the evil one and turn us away from sin.  Hold us close and never let us leave your side.  For you are the way, the truth and the life.  You are living water for our thirsty souls.  Only you can keep us pure and holy.  We thank you for these things.  Amen

God is life, energy and light.  Without him the Universe would fail to exist.  Nothing in the Universe would hold together.  God keeps all things together and alive.  He is the life. 

I pray for God to Bless all of you reading this post, to soften your hearts and open your eyes to the truth.  For God to pour out his wisdom and guidance upon your life.  Amen

God Thought About Everything! He Loves Us All!

Commentary By Gordon King

Photos from photobucket

God loves everyone and he wanted us to know it! 

dog with kitten photo: cat_dog kitten_dog.jpg

God photos photo: God 89e8.jpg

Shangrala's God's Most Beautiful!

God photos photo: The Eye Of God EyeofGod.jpg

God is keeping his eye on us!

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 15.jpg

God's beauty photo: God always give us beauty in the midst of our problems--mom's lilies 282069_2281115504632_7009172_n.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty coloradobeauty.jpg

God's beauty photo:  FieldOfFlowers.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty At Worki Beachsunset.jpg

God's beauty photo: Beauty naturalwallpapers6.jpg

His Love For Us Is In Plain Site!

rainbows photo: Dreamscape Dreamscape.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 19.jpg

God photos photo: God's fireworks DSC_1042.jpg

dog with kitten photo:  kitten-dog.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 14.jpg

God photos photo: God Bless the USA eagle americaeaglebanner.jpg

Praise and Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!  Amen   😉

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