Mexico evacuates 5,000 for gasoline pipeline leak

A geyser of gasoline spews from a state-owned pipeline at a field in Tlajomulco, Mexico, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013. Authorities were forced to evacuate thousands of residents living near the pipeline after the large gasoline leak. Officials blamed the accident on fuel thieves. The gasoline did not catch fire and there were no immediate reports of injuries. – AP Photo

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House “Completely Blown Up,” Explosion Shakes Riverside Neighborhood

Piles of rubble continued to burn hours after the powerful blast, which “sounded like someone dropped a truck from a helicopter”



Firefighters continued to spray water on flames Friday morning after an explosion at a Riverside home — a blast that neighbors described as feeling like an earthquake, big rig crash and a “truck dropped from a helicopter.”

Authorities believe a gas leak may have caused the explosion, according to preliminary information. Gas company employees were called to the house, which had been under renovation for 30 days, according to fire officials.

Neighbors told fire investigators that they could hear the sound of a hissing gas main after the explosion in the 12000 block of Cochise Drive (map).

A fire captain who was among the first responders described the house as “completely blown up and gone.” No one was in the house at the time of the explosion.

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