Nasrallah, in body armor, protected by a ‘security blanket’

Hassan Nasrallah and his security detail at a recent appearance in Beirut (Photo credit: AP/Bilal Hussein)

Hassan Nasrallah and his security detail at a recent appearance in Beirut (Photo credit: AP/Bilal Hussein)

Hezbollah chief made a rare public appearance last week, and a photo shows the extraordinary measures he has to take to safeguard himself against assassination

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Savage: Only Outrage at Execution of Woman in DC on Prison Planet

Commentary by: Gordon King

I don’t know about you, but I think the heinous shooting and murder of Miriam Carey was uncalled for, despicable and horrendous.  Talk about the excessive use of force!  This woman was trying to get away from the police who were chasing her, that’s it!  What crime did she commit that called for her execution on the spot without a trial?  They make it sound like she was trying to ram barricades at the capitol building, like she was trying to break in or something.  She ran into the barricades because they (the police) chased her into the barricades.  Why were the police chasing her in the first place?  A young unarmed mother, with her child in the car with her, what a danger to the police!  All they had to do was surround her with police cars.  How hard could that have been?  Whatever happened to those strips they used to throw out into the road to pop your car tires?  Why didn’t they try that?  Unbelievable, yet this is what our police forces are coming to folks.  Judge, jury and trial on the spot.  Your guilty!  Beware, be careful and be safe.  God Bless!
October 5, 2013

Radio host Michael Savage trashes a caller for supporting DC cops over the Killing of Miriam Carey, adding that the only outrage over the execution was to be found on the Savage Nation and Prison

In the second clip, Savage lambastes Congress for applauding the execution.

Female Student Ordered to Change out of ‘Offensive’ NRA T-Shirt

Awr Hawkins
Oct. 3, 2013


A female student at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills was ordered to change out of her t-shirt because it promoted the NRA.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Haley Bullwinkle said she was sent to the principal’s office in September “for violating the school’s dress code that forbids offensive, violent, or divisive clothing.”

The “offensive” shirt was a gift from Bullwinkle’s father, which he gave her after he became a member of the NRA.

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