Costliest U.S. Disasters Happened in 2017! Are these signs of the times, perhaps even Judgment?

An American flag hangs from a tree in a neighborhood destroyed by wildfire in Santa Rosa, California, U.S., October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

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“Peace and Security”, Warning! The End of The Age!

US Secretary of State John Kerry at US-Africa Leaders Summit – ‘We’re determined to deepen partnerships, deliver on remarkable opportunities in trade, peace and security, and economic growth’ – @StateDeptLive

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Iceland investigating mass herring deaths

Low oxygen blamed: Iceland investigating deaths of herring worth almost $10 million


Herring worth billions in exports are seen floating dead Tuesday Feb. 5 2013 in Kolgrafafjordur, a small fjord on the northern part of Snaefellsnes peninsula, west Iceland, for the second time in two months. Between 25,000 and 30,000 tons of herring died in December and more now, due to lack of oxygen in the fjord thought to have been caused by a landfill and bridge constructed across the fjord in December 2004. The current export value of the estimated 10,000 tons of herring amounts to ISK 1.25 billion ($ 9.8 million, euro 7.2 million), according to Morgunbladid newspaper.
(AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti) (The Associated Press)  –  Published February 06, 2013  – Associated Press

REYKJAVIK, Iceland –  Researchers in Iceland are blaming low oxygen levels in a shallow fjord for the death of tens of thousands of tons of herring.

Thousands of dead herring have been found in Kolgrafafjordur fjord for the second time this winter, raising concerns about Iceland’s fishery.

Morgunbladid newspaper estimated the value of the 10,000 tons of fish found dead this week at 1.25 billion kronur ($9.8 million). An even larger number of fish died in December.

Johann Sigurjonsson, director of Iceland’s Marine Research Institute, said Wednesday that roughly one season’s worth of herring has been lost.

He says herring tend to “overwinter” in large populations and may have depleted the oxygen in the shallow fjord. He says the danger should ease in spring when the herring spread out into a wider area.




Rouslan Toumaniantz, Tattoo Artist, Inked Name Across Girlfriend Lesya’s Face, Hours afterThey Met  –  By

Is this the face of true love?

A Russian college graduate is drawing stares after allowing her new boyfriend to tattoo his name on her face — the day they met in person.

According to British tabloid The Sun, Lesya Toumaniantz allowed her beau, Rouslan Toumaniantz, to ink “Ruslan” across both her cheeks in Gothic letters, 5 inches tall.

The pair reportedly met in an online chatroom and now are engaged. Lesya has already changed her last name to Toumaniantz on Facebook.

“It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body,” she said, according to Gawker.

Rouslan Toumaniantz gained Internet infamy in 2009, when a young woman accused him of tattooing 56 stars on her face while she was sleeping. Kimberley Vlaminck, 18 at the time, later recanted her story, admitting she had lied after her father was furious over the face design.

The Guardian notes that, while once seriously taboo, face tattoos are growing in popularity — even a former Czech presidential candidate has gone under the needle.

Predictably, some come to regret their face art, as was the case with professional wrestler Eric Hartsburg, who got Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign logo tattooed on his face for $15,000. Hartsburg has since decided to have the logo removed.

Other Crazy Tattoos


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World News Update! Are we close to the Rapture?


Hey folks,

It is absolutely fascinating how bible prophecy is so quickly coming to pass.  The world stage is setup so perfectly for many prophecies to be fulfilled.   There are two prophecies that could be fulfilled at any time:

1) Ezekiel 38 war against Israel.  The nations that the bible mentions who will attack Israel are all close to being in place.  Not only are they in place, but, the political climate has reached a peak. 

2) Isaiah 17:1.  Damascus shall cease from being a city and shall be a ruinous heap.  We all see the news regarding the Syrian Civil War.  Damascus is in the center of the fighting and bombing daily.

There are many other prophecies also to be fulfilled.  However, they will occur after the tribulation period begins. 

Here are some highlights, but, there are many more:

The Anti-Christ will be revealed at the beginning of the “tribulation period”.

7-year peace treaty with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The Jewish temple will be rebuilt and the Jews will reinstate animal sacrifices.

The abomination of desolation.

The mark of the beast (could be before or after the abomination of desolation).


There is only one prophecy that needs to be fulfilled prior to the return of Jesus for the rapture of his church.  Which is for “the gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached throughout the world to all the nations”.  This one is hard to pin down.  It may actually already be fulfilled.

That means that Jesus could return at any time.  We must be ready.  We must be watching.  Jesus warned us to watch and be ready for he will come as a theif in the night.

This is one reason I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.  We need to be ready and watching.  If it were otherwise, than we would have many more signs to tell us he is coming (anti-christ revealed, 7 year peace treaty signed, abomination of desolation, mark of the beast, etc).

Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel to the world.  That is our commision as Christians from God.  We need to be doing his work.  Serving our Lord.  Does that mean if you are not living your life and preaching the word of God then you will not go to heaven?  No.  I am not saying that.  I believe that if you are saved, then you will go to heaven.  Jesus said that no one can take us away from him if we are saved.  We are sealed by God.  God can see the seal he put on us.  It is visible to him.   We are his children.  So, I believe that you will always be his child.  However, I can not say that with absolute certainty.  It is better and wise to be walking closely with God daily then not.

For those who do not yet know God, I urge you to seriously consider accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Time is so very short before the tribulation begins.  If you wait until after the tribulation period begins, which could be any day, then it will be close to impossible to accept him then.  God will send a strong delusion upon all unbelievers alive on the earth that they will believe the lies of Satan!  If you do not believe in Jesus as Lord now, how will you believe then?  Only the fool says there is no God.

For more information on “The tribulation”, “The rapture”, “getting saved”, please check out my other web pages at the top of the header bar.  Go to the “Get Saved” page for information on how to get saved, a prayer to get saved and what to do after getting saved.

God Bless until next time!



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