Four arrests over acid attacks against women in Iran

Iranian women shop at the Laleh Park shopping centre in Tabriz in Iran's north-western East-Azerbaijan province.

Iranian women shop at the Laleh Park shopping centre in Tabriz in Iran’s north-western East-Azerbaijan province.  Iranian women have to abide by a strict dress code.

Iranian police have arrested four men suspected of involvement in multiple acid attacks against women last week

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Female Student Ordered to Change out of ‘Offensive’ NRA T-Shirt

Awr Hawkins
Oct. 3, 2013


A female student at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills was ordered to change out of her t-shirt because it promoted the NRA.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Haley Bullwinkle said she was sent to the principal’s office in September “for violating the school’s dress code that forbids offensive, violent, or divisive clothing.”

The “offensive” shirt was a gift from Bullwinkle’s father, which he gave her after he became a member of the NRA.

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Fatwa for make-up: Islamists target women in rebel-controlled Syrian territories

AFP Photo / Karim Sahib

AFP Photo / Karim Sahib


Syrian rebels have issued a ban on women using make up or wearing “immodest dress” in a neighborhood in the city of Aleppo. Critics have blasted the move as another attempt by Islamists to impose Sharia in rebel-controlled territory.

The fatwa (an order based on Sharia law) was issued by the Islamic law council in Aleppo’s Fardous neighborhood.

Muslim women are banned from leaving the house in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their bodies or wearing makeup on their face. It is incumbent on all our sisters to obey God and commit to Islamic etiquette,” the statement on the Fardous council’s Facebook page says as cited by Reuters, which reports that Aleppo residents have confirmed the news.  

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