State Police Running Illegal ‘Traffic Checkpoints’ in Texas

Texas state police illegal search

“People are scared to go into the streets and businesses are deserted”

Julie Wilson
Sept. 30, 2013

Infowars has been receiving a torrent of complaints regarding the illegal, unconstitutional checkpoints being conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) along the South Texas border in what the DPS calls an attempt to confirm drivers are “complying with license, insurance and vehicle safety regulations.”
The DPS director addressed the public’s complaints today claiming the “traffic regulatory checkpoints” are in response to “various criminal activities and unsafe driving behaviors” in South Texas.

DPS says 15 percent of all “no driver license” citations have been issued in the same three counties, Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy, which are all located in the Rio Grande Valley.

The checkpoints, which have been in effect since Sept. 15, have caused outraged citizens to set up Facebook pages warning the public of the time and location of the illegal checkpoints. One complaint submitted anonymously told Infowars, “People are scared to go into the streets and businesses are deserted.”

According to, immigrant advocates are alleging that DPS is using the traffic checkpoints as a way to crack down on illegal immigration.

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Houston Women File Suit Against DPS For Roadside Cavity Searches

Julie Wilson
July 3, 2013

Two young women were stopped for speeding on Memorial day 2012 in Brazoria County, Texas. The women had just finished enjoying their holiday at Surfside Beach on the Texas coast when they were pulled over on Highway 288.

After approaching the vehicle, Trooper Nathaniel Turner asks one of the women to exit the car. In the video the woman is heard asking “can I put my dress on? I just have my swimsuit on.”

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