Florida Store Specializes in Zombie-Related Items

Commentary By: Gordon King
My purpose for posting this article and video is not for the content relating to zombies, but rather as a warning sign of what is happening in America and throughout the earth.  Evil is pervading our society and our culture.  The world is becoming increasingly more evil and wicked as time marches on.  This is a sign of what is happening in the spiritual dimension.  Of what these demonic forces look like and their true nature.  What happens on earth many times happens first in another dimension.  Do not be fooled, do not be deceived.  This is real folks, it’s not a game.  These people do not know what they are messing with.  This is Satan worship.

photo credit: americablog.com


ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 27 (UPI) —
The owner of the newly opened Zombie Survival store in Florida said the shop carries everything a customer could need for an undead apocalypse.

Kurt Josephs, owner of the store in an Orlando strip mall, said the store’s wares include surplus supplies from the U.S. Army and Navy such as gas masks, books, camouflage gear, backpacks, machetes and MRE rations, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday.

“Zombies get people excited,” Josephs said. “It’s a craze right now.”

The store offers zombie-related merchandise including zombie shooting targets that bleed when hit, zombie-related books, severed zombie heads, table cloths featuring fake blood-spatter and zombie garden gnomes.

“If you like zombies, we got zombie stuff for you,” Josephs said.