Conspiracy? or Not!

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Commentary By Gordon King

So many evil things are happening in the world today.  Our own government seems to be turning against us.  Sounds like a conspiracy theory you say.  You think I am a conspiracy nut?  Well, lets talk about it and look at the facts.  Why do all of these heinous crimes keep happening in our country?  Mass murders, bombings, explosions.  After every major crisis the government is threatening tougher gun control laws.   The government is taking control over the internet, phone and emails.  You cannot have a conversation without the government knowing about it.  What about  cameras everywhere.  Where ever you go, you’re being watched.   Have you noticed that ever since Obama has taken office, our country seems to be heading towards Socialism?  That Islam is becoming more and more apparent within the United States?

The government loves a crisis.   They feed off of it.  They love it when disaster strikes and they can usurp their authority over innocent civilians.  It gives them an opportunity to gain more power and control.  To change laws and create fear and confusion among the population.

President Obama honors and supports Muslims and Islam.    He does not support Christians, yet seems to be persecuting them as being trouble makers and conspirators. The government has been labeling Christians as terrorists and has increased it’s persecution of Christians in the world and in America.

Look at what is happening to our world.   How evil it  is becoming.  Why is it that Christians were at one time considered the good in society?  Now they are considered evil, traitors and conspirators against the government.  Why is that?  Morals have declined and values have changed.  The Muslim religion is considered the peaceful religion, while Christianity has been labeled as hateful.  Gay marriage is now legal in at least 10 states.  If you are against gay marriage then you are considered intolerant, hateful and dangerous.  Abortion is legal, the murdering of innocent, precious babies!  If you are against abortion then you are against humanity!  Many women say that it is their right to abort if they want to, after all it is their body.  Yes, it is their body, but, the human life growing inside of them is not.  It belongs to God.  It is murder!

The government has been growing in size at an accelerated pace since Obama has taken office.  The number of government employees is increasing at a staggering rate.  Yet, the number of jobs created in the public sector have not.  Hmmm.  The number of people on food stamps has also increased dramatically since Obama took office.  Illegal immigrants are not only allowed to remain in the country, but are encouraged to stay.

The Department of Homeland Security has grown into a behemoth!  Equipping itself with the most modern military equipment imaginable.  Purchasing billions and billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition.  For what?  Target practice?  NO!!!  Hollow points are not used for target practice.  FEMA has set up hundreds of “Camps” around the country, equipped with double barbed wire fences.  Hundreds of thousands of extra, extra deep coffins have also been purchased.  These are all facts, not hearsay. 

Look out onto the street corners of any city in America and you will see many, many people with cardboard signs begging for money.   This is increasing almost daily along with the increase in the homeless population overall.

The overall decay of society is killing America.   Strange murders are occurring daily, children murdering their parents, parents murdering their children, people attacking police, killing small children. 

Evil is here.  Demonic forces are in full force right now.  We must pray for peace, safety and protection.  God is the only one who can help us.  The government cannot help you.  Although they tell you they will.  They want you to rely on them for everything.

If everything that I have stated makes me a conspiracy theorist, well, then I guess I am.    The evidence is before us.  If you don’t believe me then look through the archives of many prophecy websites.   Read the news, listen to the radio, the facts are facts, I do not need to prove them.  The evidence is overwhelming.   What will we choose to do with it?  What will we choose to believe?  The world is a very ugly place and is only going to get worse the closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ!

Praise God, give him all of the glory!   Repent and ask for forgiveness.  Forgive those who trespass against you.  Ask God to save you and walk with him daily.  Our time is short.  The world is changing quickly and will never be the same.  Don’t be fooled into believing that it will.

God Bless Everyone!   May God’s peace and grace be upon you and he fill you with his Holy Spirit!   Amen    🙂