North Korea’s Kim slams ‘rabid dogs’ after Obama comments

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Thank you all for your prayers! Sorry, think I deleted a couple..oops!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Since writing a post about leaving to visit my ill earthly father, I have received many comments regarding readers who have been praying for us.

I have tried my best to answer each comment from my Iphone (4s).  It’s not exactly the easiest thing to do when you have big clunky fingers!  My IPad has no WiFi currently, and the IPhone is my only source to post or comment.

I believe that I have accidentally deleted one or two comments.  I am so very sorry.  I have posted all of the comments as of this time. If you do not see your comment, then please repost it and I will surely answer it!

I would just like to thank everyone for all of your prayers, support, and kind thoughts.  I am sure that there are many more readers who have said a prayer and not made a comment, and thanks goes out to you as well.

I am sure that Jesus is well pleased!  And I know that He will bless each and everyone of you for your love and kindness.

Remember, that although the world is a great big mess, we must be about the Lord’s work.  And many of you have demonstrated just that by your support and prayers.

God bless my friends!  I’ll be back.  Maranatha!

Jesus Not God, Not Crucified……What do you Think?



Commentary by:  Gordon King

Hello folks, I have received yet another comment from a Muslim woman who does not believe that Jesus was God.  Does not believe that he was crucified or was killed.  And cannot understand why anyone would follow a God who kills an innocent being.

I have given my response to her below.   What are your thoughts and opinions?  Please post comments of your thoughts, they do matter!

God Bless Everyone!   Maranatha     😉

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Desperate MSM Moves to Kill Off Article Comments

New wave of online censorship as establishment panics about losing ability to dictate reality

Paul Joseph Watson
September 27, 2013

Desperate to cling onto their ability to dictate reality, the crumbling mainstream media is beginning to kill off article comment sections in a cynical bid to silence dissenting voices.

Studies confirm that article comment sections – for better or worse – are heavily swaying public opinion. How many times have you read a mainstream news article about NSA spying, drones, gun control or any other other hot button issue where the author sides with the establishment, only to have their argument completely eviscerated by a deluge of irate respondents in the comment section?

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