Mother ‘faked daughter’s cancer

to get donations and even let the four-year-old believe she had the disease’

Lies: Abreail Winkler had everyone convinced that her four-year-old daughter was fighting leukemia

Lies: Abreail Winkler had everyone convinced that her four-year-old daughter was fighting leukemia


A mother who allegedly faked her daughter’s cancer so she could get thousands of dollars in donations, even convincing the four-year-old she had the disease, has been arrested, it emerged today.

Abreail Denise Winkler, 30, from Vernal, Utah, convinced everyone in her local community her child was battling leukemia and allegedly accepted more than $3,000 in donations.

Vernal police officials said they contacted the Division of Child and Family Services about medical records regarding the child, and none of them suggested she had cancer.

Vernal police detective Shaun Smith said on Wednesday: ‘We contacted the Division of Child and Family Services. They were able to provide us with medical records and such, and nothing suggests that cancer was ever an issue.

‘Some of the victims [who donated money] that have come forward have had children with cancer, and those individuals are obviously the most impacted.

‘We interviewed the child, and up until a couple of days prior to us interviewing her, she still at that point believed that she had cancer.

‘At this point, she knows that she does not and appears to be coping with it well.’

There was no evidence to suggest that Winkler did anything to her child to make her sick but a number of people in the community told the Deseret News she looked sick in recent weeks and was even losing clumps of hair.

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After 2 months absent, still no sign of Chavez

After 2 months without Chavez, Venezuela government voices optimism but some expect new vote


Dec. 10, 2012: In this file photo released by Cuba’s state newspaper Granma, Cuba’s President Raul Castro, right, receives Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez at the Jose Marti International airport in Havana, Cuba.
(AP/Granma/File)  –  Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela –  Two months have passed since Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez climbed the stairs of the presidential jet, blew kisses to supporters and flew to Cuba to undergo cancer surgery.

Chavez hasn’t been seen or spoken publicly since that departure to Havana on Dec. 10, and the mystery surrounding his condition has deepened even as the government’s updates have remained optimistic but have lately offered few specifics.

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said on Saturday that Chavez is recovering slowly but that he is convinced he “is also going to win this battle.”

Some analysts say they expect that sooner or later, Chavez’s delicate health could make necessary a new presidential election. Chavez’s allies, however, insist the 58-year-old president remains in charge and they express optimism he will be able to return home.


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