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Hunger Strike Protests Philadelphia School Layoffs

Laid-off music teachers play goodbye show

Associated Press


A hunger strike to protest massive layoffs in the Philadelphia school district is in its eighth day.

Meanwhile, dozens of music teachers slated to lose their jobs played a heartfelt farewell concert Monday at district headquarters.

Education advocates are doing everything they can to draw attention to the dire situation in the city’s public schools, which are facing a $304 million deficit.

To cover the gap, the district has laid off 20 percent of its staff. More than 3,800 employees will be jobless next week, from assistant principals to secretaries.

In addition to cutting music, the district has also eliminated art and sport programs.

City and state officials have been furiously negotiating to fill the funding gap, but no promises have been made.

Food Stamps for Illegal Aliens

Obama administration openly pushing food stamps to illegals; no citizenship required, no income status checked

Obama food stamps

Mike Adams
Natural News
April 28, 2013

Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal the Obama administration is actively marketing the federal food stamp program (SNAP) to illegal immigrants. A Spanish-language flyer obtainer by Judicial Watch says, “You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children.”

A copy of the document is viewable by clicking here.

“USDA is actively working with the Mexican government to promote food stamps for illegal aliens,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

Although it’s far worse now, this has been going on for years. Back in 2006, Judicial Watch wrote in its Corruption Chronicles: “The United States Department of Agriculture is spending taxpayer money to run Spanish-language television ads encouraging illegal immigrants to apply for government-financed food stamps.”

Nearly $75 billion of taxpayer money is spent each year on federal food stamps, and it turns out some of that is alarmingly being handed out to illegal immigrants — people who contribute nothing to the federal tax base in America but who seem to be experts on collecting social welfare benefits of all kinds. If you are working for a living, you are buying food for illegalswho are being actively recruited by Obama and the democratic party so that they will vote more democrats into office.

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) and Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) are reportedly working on a bill that would prevent the Obama administration from marketing food stamp benefits to illegals, reports Breitbart.com.

Food stamp expenditures explode under Obama

“Since President Obama came into office, SNAP participation has increased at 10 times the rate of job creation, the annual spending on SNAP has doubled, and one in seven Americans now participates in SNAP,” Thune said. “This explosive growth in both the SNAP enrollment and federal cost of the program is alarming and requires lawmakers to take cost-effective legislative control measures.”

As the U.S. government’s own website admits, the federal food stamp program (SNAP) has increased from just 2.8 million people in 1969 to nearly 47 million people in 2012. Expenditures have now reached nearly $75 billion a year.

As Natural News has previously reported, recipients of federal food stamp money can use it to buy soda pop, birthday cakes and even luxury seafood items. Soda companies are currently raking in $4 billion a year from federal food stamps.

As the grocery receipt on the right shows, people are using food stamps to purchase lobster and porterhouse steaks. Yep, it’s true: Food stamp recipients, who include illegal immigrants, are using taxpayer money to load up on lobster and steak.

It also turns out you don’t even need to be poor to collect federal food stamps. “A federal audit revealed last year that many who don’t qualify for food stamps now receive them under a new ‘broad-based’ eligibility program that disregards income and asset requirements,” reports Tom Fitton at Breitbart.com.

Food stamp recipients can buy all the junk food they want, but they are prohibited from buying vitamins or nutritional items. The big banks like JP Morgan Chase collect billions of dollars a year off the transaction fees supporting the SNAP program.

SNAP promotes junk food, big banks and illegals

The truth about the federal food stamp program is that it promotes junk food companies, transaction profits for big banks and of course illegal immigrants. JP Morgan, by the way, donated more than $800,000 to Obama’s 2008 election campaign, and after the election, Obama worked to explode the food stamp program, generating countless millions of dollars in transaction revenues for JP Morgan.

This program, administered by the USDA, is really nothing more than a nationwide handout program to bribe voters into voting for big government. While I have nothing against people relying on federal food stamps to help them through a temporary, short-term crisis, what we have today isgenerations of voters who live on food stamps and other welfare programs. Far from being programs of “compassion” to help those in need, these programs have ballooned into grotesque, unethical systems of lifelong dependency that destroy dignity and train voters to live like helpless victims rather than capable human beings.

But that’s the way the democratic party wants it, of course: the more people they can trap in a cycle of poverty living on handouts from big government, the more votes they can win at the ballot box. He who promises the most handouts wins the elections, it seems, and there’s no reversing it once the welfare hoards exceed 50% of the popular vote. We are dangerously close to that level right now, and once we cross it, there’s no turning back from financial suicide. The voters will simply vote themselves bigger and bigger handouts until financial parasitism guts the entire economy and leads us all into a financial apocalypse.

At that point, we’ll be dealing with what I call the food stamp zombie hoards — tens of millions of people who have no idea how to work for a living, partially lobotomized by junk foods and vaccines, roaming the streets in a desperate search for food because their government benefit cards stopped working. That scenario deserves another article altogether, so I’ll save the details for later.

But make no mistake: the Obama administration wants to put millions of illegals on federal food stamps, then it wants to grant them “amnesty” citizenship so that they keep voting more democrats into office. They, in turn, will keep pushing more and more handouts until the country finds itself trapped with an 80% tax rate (like France), a 50% unemployment rate, and a cultural invasion of former Mexican nationals who inherently support socialism, political corruption and the abolishment of individual liberties.

Spread the word: We must STOP the growth of SNAP and return it to sanity. For starters, no non-citizen should receive federal food stamp benefits. But that idea seems alien to today’s Washington bureaucrats who are trying as hard as possible to turn America into the next Mexico.


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American Debt Will Cause Financial Collapse

Ryan warns of financial collapse over debt, urges Congress to avert ‘moral failure’


March 12, 2013: House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks about the 2014 Budget Resolution during a news conference on Capitol Hill. (AP)
Rep. Paul Ryan issued an urgent call to conservatives Friday to bridle the debt and head off a crisis he described as a looming “moral failure,” defending the budget he introduced earlier this week from a barrage of Democratic attacks. “We have to tackle this problem before it tackles us,” Ryan said, speaking on the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Putting the problem in stark terms, the House Budget Committee chairman and former vice presidential nominee said the nearly $17 trillion debt will “weigh down the country like an anchor” within the next 10 years. He said lenders will at that point lose trust and interest rates across the country will soar — under pressure, he said the federal government will print more money, cheapening the currency and leading to a financial collapse that has the effect of unraveling the social safety net. 

“It would be a moral failure,” Ryan said. The deficit spending, he said, “has to stop.” 

Ryan addressed CPAC just days after the Budget Committee chairman introduced the party’s 2014 budget which aims to close the deficit in 10 years and eventually pay down the debt. 

Democrats lambasted the plan for its significant changes to Medicare and the fact that it does not include tax hikes. The Democratic plan, though, also does not propose any major overhaul to deficit-driving entitlements and does not endeavor to balance the budget in 10 years. 

Ryan spoke as CPAC charged into its second day at a hotel and convention center on the outskirts of Washington. 

The second-day agenda was packed by big-name speakers, including 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Romney, who spoke a few hours after Ryan, also drew attention to the debt while voicing optimism that a “conservative vision can attract a majority of Americans.” He pointed, as an example, to the recent legislative achievements by the dozens of Republican governors, many of whom were in attendance. 

“Today, history and duty summon us again,” Romney told the crowd. “I am sorry I won’t be your president — but I will be your co-worker, and I’ll work shoulder to shoulder alongside you. … In the end, we’ll win.”

Romney’s primary rival Rick Santorum also spoke Friday, in an agenda that included House Republican Leader Eric Cantor, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as well. 

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, one of the morning speakers, predicted a conservative “comeback,” as he systematically tried to knock down conservative stereotypes that Democratic campaigns have tried to perpetuate. 

“Don’t tell me Republicans are the party of millionaires and billionaires when Obama’s campaign arm is charging people a half a million dollars for a meeting over near the White House,” McConnell said, referring to recent controversy over reported efforts by an Obama-tied group to give top donors special access to the president. 

McConnell argued that Democratic policies only ensure “that the poor stay poor.” He said their policy “looks a lot more like flypaper than a safety net.” 

McConnell repeatedly turned back to the GOP goal of trying to upend the federal health care overhaul, saying “we’re not backing down from this fight.” 

He also had choice words for a liberal group that recently mocked his wife’s ethnicity in what he called “racist tweets.” 

“Anybody’s who’s got the nerve to question her patriotism doesn’t know what tolerance is, do they?” the senator said. 

Progress Kentucky tweeted last month: “This woman has the ear of (@McConnellPress — she’s his #wife. May explain why your job moved to #China!” The group later apologized and took down the tweet. 

McConnell’s wife, former U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, was born in Taiwan. 

The CPAC gathering this week also served to highlight some divisions among conservatives. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who drew national attention for his 13-hour filibuster last week against over President Obama’s drone-attack authority, needled some elements of the party in his lively speech Thursday. 

“The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered. I don’t think we need to name any names, do we?” Paul said. “Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom.” 

Paul sparred with long-time senators last week like Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who called the filibuster a “stunt” meant to “fire up impressionable libertarian kinds in their college dorms.” 

But even McConnell, who previously backed Paul’s primary opponent in the 2010 election, on Friday called his Kentucky colleague a “warrior.”


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American Way: Barack Obama ducked the chance to tackle America’s financial death-spiral

When Barack Obama won a second term in office last November a tiny, guttering flame of hope was observed in the breasts of many hard-pressed Americans who wanted common sense to prevail in Washington.

American Way: Barack Obama ducked the chance to tackle America's financial death-spiral

‘Mr Obama is absolutely right that America’s future depends on investment – the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, its education system is failing while global competition advances – but just plain wrong to suggest these programs are sustainable without entitlement reform.’ Photo: EPA

That hope centered not on any naive expectation that Democrats and Republicans would suddenly learn to love each other, but that Mr Obama, freed from having to run for office again and in search of a personal legacy for his presidency, might start to show some leadership.

Last week, sad to report, those hopes flickered and died when Mr Obama delivered a State of the Union address that showed he has absolutely no intention of getting serious about arresting America’s long-term financial death-spiral.

This was an infuriatingly dishonest speech. Mr Obama spelled out very clearly America’s impending demographic crunch – too many baby-boomers, not enough money to pay for their benefits – but then falsely pretended the problem could be solved by tinkering around the edges.

“Medicare must embrace the need for modest reforms,” he allowed, warning that failure to fix America’s unsustainable entitlement system would “crowd out the investments we need for our children, and jeopardise the promise of a secure retirement for future generations.”

All true, except for that one word, “modest”. There is nothing modest about the size of America’s financial problems, as Doug Elmendorf, the director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, explained last week when he was up on Capitol Hill spelling out budgetary home truths.

In plain English, that either means less generous benefits delivered at a later stage in life, or higher taxes across the board – or, in a common-sense world, a bit of both. But whatever the combination of spending cuts or new revenues, the changes required are “significant”, not “modest”, and the longer America waits, the more painful and damaging those costs will be.

Put another way, America, the “hope of the earth” and the standard bearer for the free-world, is suffering from financial dry-rot. If some curative treatment is not applied, by the end of the next decade Mr Elmendorf calculates that the US will be “bearing risks of a sort that we have not [had] in our history except for a few years around the end of the Second World War.”

This is where Mr Obama comes in. Or could have, had he chosen a more courageous path last Tuesday night and dared to take on the left wing of his party who continue to delude themselves – as Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic Leader observed before the speech – that America doesn’t really “have a spending problem”.

It does – which means by definition it also has as a taxation problem which the Republican Party, in its refusal to countenance any further revenue raising, is being just as one-eyed and intransigent about as Democrats who think somehow the debt doesn’t matter.

But in the middle of that spectrum sit more than three-quarters of hard-working Americans who, according to a poll released last week, are deeply unsatisfied about the workings of their Congress.

For their sake, Mr Obama had a chance – very likely his last, given the political shelf-life of second term presidents – to offer a real fix and call the bluff of Republicans like House speaker John Boehner who predicted before the speech the president didn’t “have the guts” to confront his own party.

If that was a challenge to Mr Obama, he ducked it. Very likely you would have heard a pin drop on both sides of the aisle if the president had actually proposed something meaningful, but sometimes shocked silence from your own side, rather than the empty acclaim he received, is what true leadership sounds like.

Even clear-thinking Democrats were disappointed. As Matt Bennett, a former Clinton White House staffer who co-founded the centrist Third Way think-tank, put it: “This was the moment to put the chips on the table and press Democrats the way he’s pressed Republicans on everything else, and make some concessions. He left the door ajar, but he didn’t make a strong case that Democrats need to walk through it. That was the big missing piece.”

Instead, Mr Obama chose the path of timidity and half-truths. He offered a laundry-list of goodies – universal pre-school education, Space Race-levels of scientific research, new roads and bridges – while falsely promising these are affordable with only ‘modest reforms’ to entitlements that accounted for 43 per cent of all federal spending in 2012.

Mr Obama is absolutely right that America’s future depends on investment – the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, its education system is failing while global competition advances – but just plain wrong to suggest these programs are sustainable without entitlement reform.

Indeed, just how unsustainable became apparent within 24 hours, as Mr Obama embarked on a three-day national tour to trumpet his plans for universal pre-school, fixing infrastructure and raising the minimum wage, and all, he promised to widespread scepticism, without adding ‘a dime’ to the deficit.

But as the president waved to crowds in North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois, promising free pre-school education for all, his education secretary, Arne Duncan, was on Capitol Hill, drowning.

Nearly 100,000 American school children will be kicked off the Head Start school programme, he told senators, because of the automatic $85bn in cuts that are due to kick in on March 1, mostly to “discretionary” items like education.

This latest budget meltdown – the so-called “sequester” was designed to put a gun to the heads of both parties, in the belief no-one would dare pull the trigger. Now they are, sparking exactly the kind of chaotic, growth-wrecking budget crunch that the affordable, phased restructuring of a fiscal grand bargain is designed avoid, but which Mr Obama is plainly no longer serious about even trying to achieve.

Perhaps he thought it a fool’s errand dealing with today’s Republican Party, but still Mr Obama had a fleeting chance to reframe the debate; to play the role of deal-maker and save the entitlement system his party cherishes, possibly before a future Republican president does something far more drastic.

He elected not to take it; preferring to tell America you can still have your cake and eat it. So what is the true State of the Union? Like one of those morbidly obese folk you see all too often here, waddling up to the fast-food counter to order a super-sized meal and then taking a diet soda on the side, because they’re “watching their weight”, it is dangerously self-deluded.


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Are Massive Federal Cuts ‘Inevitable’?

Democrats, Republicans appear no closer to averting massive federal cuts next month

Congressional Democrats and Republicans appeared far apart Sunday on a deal to avert $85 billion in federal spending reductions next month, with a top House Republican saying the cuts appear “inevitable.”

The automatic cuts, known as sequester, kick in March 1 because the parties have failed to agree on a less-drastic plan to cut the federal budget and deficit.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told “Fox News Sunday” that Democrats remain steadfast about tax increases being part of the deal but remain open to spending cuts.

“What we do need is more revenue and new cuts,” the California congresswoman said.

Pelosi said Democrats were “not talking about raising taxes,” but want to close tax loopholes, including those for U.S. oil companies.

She also argued Democrats have made $1.6 trillion in cuts over the past two years and suggested the bigger solution to the country’s economic problems is job growth.

Her argument is similar to the one President Obama — who also has suggested stopping sequester with a mix of tax cuts and spending cut — is expected to restate Tuesday during his State of the Union address.

“We need a big, balanced, bold proposal,” said Pelosi, arguing more jobs result in more revenue. The interview was taped last week.

However, Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said fellow House Republicans will “absolutely not” accept tax increases as part of a deal, which would trigger the cuts to federal defense and discretionary spending.

Cole told ABC News’ “This Week” that the president refused to agree to spending cuts during the recent, so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations so Democrats are not getting revenue increases now.

“I think (sequester) is inevitable, quite frankly,” he said.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain also said Sunday that Republicans don’t want tax increases, considering they just agreed to end more than $1 trillion in income tax breaks, but suggested he might be open to closing some tax loopholes.

He also urged both parties to work together to avoid sequester, which will result in big cuts to the defense budget and roughly $1.2 trillion in total cuts over the next decade.

“I’ll take responsibility as a Republican, but we’ve got to avoid it,” said McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. “The world is a very dangerous place.”


Pentagon considers hiring freeze, contract delays

Washington –  The Pentagon will begin taking steps to freeze civilian hiring, delay some contract awards and curtail some maintenance to prepare for drastic budget cuts if Congress can’t reach an agreement on a final spending plan, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday.


Dec. 14, 2012: U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta meets with troops at Kabul International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP)

www.foxnews.com  –  Associated Press

Dec. 14, 2012: U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta meets with troops at Kabul International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP)

Washington –  The Pentagon will begin taking steps to freeze civilian hiring, delay some contract awards and curtail some maintenance to prepare for drastic budget cuts if Congress can’t reach an agreement on a final spending plan, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Panetta said that department officials must also develop detailed plans to implement unpaid furloughs for civilian personnel. The furloughs would kick in if the automatic cuts are triggered.

But Panetta said he has asked defense leaders to ensure that any initial moves they make now should be reversible if at all possible, and they must minimize harmful effects on military readiness.

“The simple fact is that this fiscal uncertainty has become a serious threat to our national security,” Panetta said during a Pentagon press conference. “We really have no choice but to prepare for the worst.”

The Pentagon is facing a spending reduction of nearly $500 billion over a decade. An additional $110 billion in automatic spending cuts to military and domestic programs will take effect in early March if no agreement is reached.

At the same time, Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that Congress has not passed the 2013 defense department budget proposed by the Pentagon last year, and has instead just approved spending equal to the 2012 fiscal year levels. As a result, Panetta said if Congress fails to pass a new budget or avoid the automatic cuts the Pentagon will have to find an almost immediate $40 billion in savings.

And Dempsey said overall the department would have to absorb as much as $52 billion in cuts to planned spending by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

In order to protect the troops still fighting in Afghanistan, Dempsey said the effect on the rest of the force would be devastating.

“Operations, maintenance and training will be gutted. We’ll ground aircraft, return ships to port, and sharply curtail training across the force,” Dempsey said. “We’ll be unable to reset the force following a decade of war. Our readiness will begin to erode. Within months, we’ll be less prepared. Within a year, we’ll be unprepared.”

He stressed, however, that he will not shortchange troops in combat or wounded warriors and their families.

Panetta’s guidance was laid out in a four-page memo to department heads that outlined the “near-term actions” they should take including potentially firing any temporary hires, informing some contract employees that they will not be renewed, curtail travel, training, conferences, and spending on supplies, and cut money from base operations.

He said that by Feb. 15, officials must cancel ship, aviation and depot maintenance for the third and fourth quarters

Panetta, who has consistently been harshly critical of Congress’ impasse on the budget, said he understands that the politics are difficult, but lawmakers in Washington need to have the same courage as the military troops fighting on the warfront. A former budget director in the Clinton administration, when afiscal impasse forced lawmakers to briefly shut down the federal government, Panetta said the political tenor in town has worsened.

“When we dealt with Reagan as president, and when we dealt with Bush as president, it was a Democratic Congress. The (House) speakers at the time really felt that if we could work out agreements with the president, that even though a Republican president would benefit, a Democratic Congress would benefit, as well, by governing the nation,” recalled Panetta. “For whatever reason, that concept has been lost.”

Now, he said, “I think that there’s an attitude that governing isn’t necessarily good politics, that gridlock and confrontation is good politics. And I think we pay a price for that.”


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Tea Party Leaders Outraged Over House Passage of Fiscal Cliff Bill Read

tea party

Tea Party Leaders are expressing outrage and disappointment over the House passing a bill late New Year’s Day that allows President Obama and Congressional Democrats to raise taxes on wealthy Americans with no guarantee of future spending cuts.

www.christianpost.com  –  By Paul Stanley

“Sadly, our New Year’s predictions have all come true,” said Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots. “Congress and the president had all year to do their jobs and be fiscally responsible – and, just like we said they would, they waited until the last possible moment to fail their nation miserably with a ‘fiscal cliff’ scheme to raise taxes and keep overspending.

The issue for those who believe the nation has a spending problem and not a revenue problem suddenly became a nightmare when 85 Republicans in the House joined 172 of their Democrat colleagues in supporting the measure that was sent over in the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s Day.

For the past 17 months the fiscal game of chicken rarely changed. Obama and liberal Democrats demanded higher taxes on families making over $250,000 annually and Republicans, led by House Speaker John Boehner with some assistance by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, wanted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts and reduce spending, especially on the big entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare.

But in the end it was Obama and his team that got Boehner to go off the road as opposed to risk getting blamed for raising taxes on most every American taxpayer.

The final version that President Obama is expected to sign will extend the tax cuts for some taxpayers but individuals making over $400,000 and families over $450,000 will owe Uncle Sam more money in 2013 and beyond.

Additionally, estate and capital gains taxes will go up for the same group. The bill also extends jobless benefits for one-year and cuts Medicare reimbursements for doctors.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the bill will add almost $4 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years.

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation is even more outraged that some Republicans – including Boehner – voted in favor of the bill.

“The Republican Party has now cast itself as the Official Tax Collector for the Great Obamacare State,” Phillips wrote in an email to The Christian Post early Wednesday morning.

“Once again Republicans have surrendered their position of strength and given in to everything the Democrats wanted. This bill punishes Americans with new taxes that go not to reducing the deficit but for even more government spending. Today the Republicans stand under John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender and America loses.”


Bozell Talks Fiscal Cliff on Fox: Where’s the Focus on the ‘Fiscal Insanity’ In DC?

www.newsbusters.org  –  By NB Staff

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell appeared on the Fox Business Network on Thursday to address the gridlock in Congress over a fiscal-cliff deal. Varney suggested it was “hard-core conservatives” like Bozell who would be blamed if there is no agreement. Bozell insisted there’s no focus on spending cuts, only on taxes.

Bozell slammed the “absolute dishonesty on both sides. No one wants to address the fiscal insanity that’s going on in Washington, DC.” Varney also asked Brent for his opinion on the coverage of the pro-Obama media (video below):


“They’re coddling Barack Obama.This guy is filing his nails while the Republicans twist themselves into knots. The media are giving Obama a complete pass on this one. They’re not holding his feet to the fire on anything. And they’re keeping the gunfire on the Republicans at all times.”