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Please note: I am either catching a cold or my allergies are really bad.  So pray for me that it will clear within the hour, or at least be a little better, so it’s not so bad!  Stuff like that does make it VERY hard to talk and concentrate.  Would appreciate the prayers so I can focus on anything the Lord would have me discuss and not how bad I’m feeling!  Thanks!

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By Lyn Leahz on July 2, 2013


God gave me a very important message two summers ago..and I am going to relay that message to you.  If you want Jesus to hurry on back to retrieve us from this wicked place, something must be done first…the soul  harvest.  There are many who are not saved, and who are not ready.  God is waiting on souls to repent.  There is something we must do..and we must do it soon, because we are here!  Yes..that is exactly what I said–we are  here!  We are in the days spoken of in the book of Daniel and Revelation folks.  It is time for us to wake up the body of Christ and get some action going. 

Are you ready to put on your battle gear and get going? 

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