Pray For The Saints!

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By Gordon

Hello folks!  I pray for your peace and protection in these trying times.

While we know that we are living in the end times, the Tribulation period has not yet begun.  With that being said, we all struggle with tribulation of some sort.  Just because we are Christians does not mean we will not endure tribulation.  We will suffer because we live in a world full of sin.  We were born into sin, yet were saved by the grace of God.  We were forgiven all our sins, past, present and yes even future.  We were given eternal life through the precious blood of Jesus.  Praise God for that!

Why must we suffer Lord?  Our hearts yearn for your presence.  We eagerly await your return.  The world in which we live is a foreign country to us.  How much longer shall we endure?  We cry out to God for deliverance from such an evil place.  Hear our prayers Father, please listen oh Lord!  We praise you for your sacrifice, for your love and never-ending commitment to us.  

The world is full of evil, physical evil and spiritual evil.  The angels of heaven are continually performing the work of God.  They are in constant motion to and from heaven above.  While the angels are here on earth ministering, helping, protecting, guiding and assisting believers, they are also at war with demonic spirits.  In battle after battle performing the will  of God.  How many angels are there?  Who knows?  I would imagine that there are innumerable angels in the universe.  

We must have faith in Jesus.  Strong faith, unwavering faith.  Faith that he will guide us, that he will protect us and answer our prayers.  That he will send his mighty angels in our defense.  However, the angels are very busy and can be detained, I believe by spiritual warfare.  The spirit world is alive, real and very active.  We must hold fast and continue in prayer for one another.  We should intercede in prayer for those in need.

Our time left before the return of Christ is short.  Yet, the days ahead of us will only increase in evil and hatred.  Especially for Christians.  Let us continue in prayer for those suffering, for those in tribulation and pain.

I ask each one of you reading this to please, take a moment now, and pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ all around the globe.  Pray for their safety, protection and for the Lord to deliver them from bondage.  Pray for the Lord to give them his peace, comfort and joy.  Pray for him to send his angels to those in need.

We all have times when life seems unbearable.  When we feel lost and alone.  We need to pull together as God’s church and pray for our brothers and sisters!  Now is the time!!!

Praise God!  Amen    Hallelujah!!!


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