Pakistani Christian Mother Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi,  Photo Credit: Youtube

A Pakistani Christian mother of five has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Recently, the Lahore High Court upheld her death sentence. “I, Asia Bibi, have been sentenced to death because I was thirsty,” Asia Bibi declared. An appeal to the Pakistani Supreme Court is expected.

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Pakistani mob kills two children including a baby and their grandmother after ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post

Police arrive after the houses of religous minority group Qadianis (Ahmadiyyas), were torched by a mob following accusations of blasphemy, in Gujranwala, Pakistan, early 28 July 2014. Ahmadiyya do not believe that the prophet Mohammed is the final messenger of God, a belief held by Muslims following mainstream Islamic principles. Pakistan declared the sect non-Muslim in 1974, providing extremist groups with a sort of legal cover to attack them for posing as Muslims.

The violence took place on Sunday in the town of Gujranwala, 220 km (140 miles) southeast of the capital, Islamabad Photo: EPA/MUHAMMAD OWAIS

A seven-year-old and her baby sister were killed alongside their grandmother, police said, after another member of the Ahmadi sect was accused of blasphemy

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Burning Man Organizers Requested Money For “Temple of Whollyness”

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Evil, Satanic, Deceptive.  The organizers of the “Burning Man” ceremony requested money to construct “The Temple of Whollyness”.

I say blasphemy against God Almighty!  Without God these people are doomed to eternal Hell fire.

We must all pray for their salvation.  Amen

The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013 – please support us in order to help Black Rock City become WHOLE.

THANK YOU to the 1,225 backers that have supported the Temple of Whollyness with only 24 hours to go before our deadline. You are the reason why we have exceeded our goal. This is truly a Temple built by the Burning Man community! If you arrive here after our Kickstarter campaign has ended, and you still want to support the Temple, please go to our website to contribute. Wholly yours, The Temple 2013

UPDATE #2: We added two new Rewards today. A special offering candle – in your name or a loved one’s – placed in the Temple of Whollyness and five more Temple dinners since the first 15 reservations are already taken. This is the final week so please help us spread Temple 2013 LOVE!

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Do Gays and Homosexuals Hate Christianity? But Love Obama?


SHARIA (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

By Gordon King

Hello Folks!  Welcome and God Bless all of you!

I posted an article and part of a radio conversation today regarding Gays and Sharia Law.

I thought it was very interesting, gruesome, but none the less interesting.  I will go ahead and post the radio clip here first:

And here is part of the article:

The State Department reported that in 2007 over 30 confirmed or believed to be homosexual men were arrested in Saudi Arabia, and two lashed 7,000 times each for engaging in sexual intercourse with other men. In 2011 three men were executed by hanging in Iran after being found guilty of charges related to homosexuality.

Here is the POST I made earlier today.

This man on the radio claims to be a Muslim.  A devout follower of Islam and Allah.  He clearly states that “Sharia Law” should be instituted in America.  He says that Gays and Homosexuals should be beheaded for their acts.  This is for the sake of Allah!

Well, this is the part that I don’t really understand and it makes no sense to me whatsoever!  Most gays and homosexuals that I have ever met or heard about have despised Christianity and Love President Obama.  They think he is the “Savior of the World”.   He fully supports Muslims and has denied the deity of Christ and blasphemed God Almighty and the Bible.  While he supports Muslims around the world, what about Christians?  I have never heard Obama supporting Christians anywhere, including the USA.

Barack Obama Mocks Jesus Christ

So this is my point, if Obama is a strong supporter of Muslims and their faith (I believe that he is a Muslim, but that is another post) then why do Gays and Homosexuals love him?  They are promoting their own death and destruction!  The Muslims are pushing for “Sharia Law” in America.  The way things are going it just may happen!

Another point I would like to make.  Christians on the other hand, do not hate homosexuals or gays.  But, they do hate the sin.  They will rebuke the homosexuals for their sin.  They will try to evoke a conviction within the individual, to repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Christians do not promote killing or abuse of homosexuals, on the contrary, they promote (or should) love, kindness and forgiveness. 

So let me recap my points here:

  • Muslims are promoting “Sharia Law”.
  • “Sharia Law” calls for the beheading of Gays and Homosexuals.
  • Gays and Homosexuals are beheaded, tortured and imprisoned around the world by Muslims / Islam.
  • President Obama is probably a Muslim and strongly supports Muslims and Islam around the world.
  • Most Gays and Homosexuals Love Obama (the ones I have met / heard about)
  • Christians promote Love and Peace (they should)
  • Christians do not hate Gays or Homosexuals (they should not)
  • Christians do not kill or torture Gays or Homosexuals for their lifestyle.
  • Christians are against Gay marriage / lifestyle.
  • Christians try to persuade Gays or Homosexuals to convict them to repent and accept Jesus as Lord.

This is what I do not understand.  While Christians do rally against the Gay and Homosexual lifestyle, vote against Gay marriage, Christians do not propose to exterminate these people from the face of the earth.  Christians are not promoting (or should not) hatred towards homosexuals. 

On the other hand, Muslims and the Islamic faith (of which Obama is and a supporter of) clearly state that they will behead and torture Gays and Homosexuals for their acts and lifestyles.  They are pushing hard for “Sharia Law” to be implemented around the world, including America.  But, most homosexuals that I have met or heard of, just love Obama! 

Can you see the writing on the wall?  Can you see the irony of the situation?  The lies, the deception, the hatred?  I can.

We need to pray for all gays and homosexuals to see the light, to see the truth, repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  God loves everyone and forgives all.

Time is so very short.    God Bless!    Jesus Loves You!      Amen        Maranatha!     🙂


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Pakistani Muslims Burn over 100 Christian Homes

Christian homes and businesses were torched on Saturday by over 3000 angry Muslim protestors.  Apparently a Christian made some  derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed 3 days earlier.  


Police said protesters burnt 25 houses but Dr Ahmad Raza, in-charge of local rescue operations, and the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) put the number at more than 100.

“At least 160 houses, 18 shops and two small churches were burnt by protesters,” Raza, who was busy in rescue operations in the area, told AFP.

Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive issue in Pakistan, where 97 percent of the population are Muslims, and allegations of insulting Islam or the Prophet Mohammed can prompt violent outbursts of public anger, even when unproven.


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NBC Declares War on Christians

-Comcast-NBC-General _Cala.jpg


FILE – In this Friday, Aug. 21, 2009, file photo, the NBC logo glows in neon lights among other iconic signs at its headquarters in New York. Comcast said Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, that it’s buying General Electric’s 49 percent stake in the NBCUniversal joint venture for $16.7 billion several years early, as the company takes advantage of low borrowing costs and what CEO Brian Roberts called a “very attractive price.” (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File) (A2009)

Does NBC hate Christians?

That’s what I was wondering over the weekend as I watched “Saturday Night Live” blaspheme Jesus Christ in a violent and bloody Quentin Tarantino parody – just three days after Ash Wednesday.

The fake movie trailer for “Djesus Uncrossed” featured the Savior brandishing guns and blowing away Romans in classic Tarantino-style. Blood and gore and profanity spewed across flat screens from coast to coast; at one point Jesus sliced a man’s head in half.

“Critics are calling it a less violent ‘Passion of the Christ,’” the announcer declared. “I never knew how much Jesus used the N-word.”

Offending Christians is apparently what passes for entertainment these days.

A few days before the SNL episode, NBC Sports blogger Rick Chandler wrote a scathing smear against a prominent Christian church in Dallas.


Offending Christians is apparently what passes for entertainment these days.


The First Baptist Church in Dallas had invited Tim Tebow to speak at an upcoming service. Chandler urged the outspoken Christian football player to reconsider.

“Tim Tebow to speak at virulently anti-gay, anti-Semitic Dallas mega-church,” read the headline on Chandler’s hit piece.

Sing Oldham, a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, told me he’s not surprised by NBC’s blistering assault on American Christians.

“It’s open season on those who profess personal faith in Jesus Christ and pattern their lives by biblical morality,” he said. “Evangelical Christians are treated with contempt and targeted for ridicule.”

And at the Peacock Network, the contempt and ridicule are on steroids.

NBC removed the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during a produced video that aired during the U.S. Open.

NBC medical editor Nancy Snyderman infamously denounced the religious part of Christmas during an episode of Today.

“I don’t like the religion part,” said Snyderman. “I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up.”

The “religion” she was referring to is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The network has also produced religion-bashing shows like “The New Normal” and “The Book of Daniel.” That particular show as so offensive it led American Family Radio Chairman Donald Wildmon to declare, “We are tired of NBC’s anti-Christian bigotry.”

I wish I could tell you that this sort of anti-Christian bigotry is an anomaly. Sadly, it is not.

We’ve seen the networks and national news publications denigrate the Christian faith with great flair  — from the “Good Christian B****es” of ABC to Newsweek’s Christmas essay about the “The Myths of Jesus.”

I find it interesting that the networks always mock and ridicule Christianity – but they give other religions a pass.

Why aren’t the writers at SNL churning out weekly skits about Islam – or the Prophet Mohammed? Where’s the mock movie trailer for “Jihad Undetonated?” Where’s the television show called “Good Muslim B****es?” Or the magazine essay about “The Myths of Mohammed?”

I suspect we all know the answer to why.

I’ve often wondered why the people at 30 Rock hold Christians in such contempt. Maybe they choose to attack Christians because we are easy targets.

Southern Baptist spokesman Oldham said it should come as no surprise that networks like NBC target Christians for ridicule.

“Jesus said, ‘the world will hate you because of my name,’” he said, referring to a passage in the New Testament.

As best as I can tell, the folks over at NBC are either ideological bullies or religious bigots.

Either one is enough for me to change the channel.


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Pakistan’s US Envoy Accused of Blasphemy; Death Sentence Option

Pakistan Accuses Its US Ambassador of Blasphemy

 Pakistan's US Envoy Accused of Blasphemy; Death Sentence Option
MULTAN, Pakistan — Pakistani police accused the country’s ambassador to the United States on Thursday of blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty, in connection with a 2010 TV talk show, they said.

The accusation against Ambassador Sherry Rehman is the latest in a string of controversial blasphemy cases in Pakistan, a largely Muslim nation whose name translates as Land of the Pure.

According to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, anyone found to have uttered words derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad can be put to death. Those who are accused are sometimes lynched by mobs even before they reach court.

Rehman has already faced death threats from militants after calling for reforms to the country’s anti-blasphemy law, according to court documents. Two politicians who suggested reforming the law were assassinated.

The case against Rehman was brought by businessman Muhammad Faheem Gill, 31, who said that the comments Rehman made about the law on the Pakistani talk show in 2010 were blasphemous.

“I’ve been trying to get this case registered for the last three years, ever since I saw that TV show,” Gill told Reuters. “I’ve even gone to the highest court. I’m glad that action will finally be taken now.”

Gill went to the Supreme Court with his complaint after police refused to register it. The court ordered police in the central Pakistani city of Multan to investigate.

Blasphemy accusations are on the rise, according to a report released by the Islamabad-based think tank, Center for Security Studies. At least 52 people accused of blasphemy have been killed since 1990.

The charge is difficult to defend since blasphemy is not defined and courts often hesitate to hear evidence, fearful that reproducing it will also be blasphemy.

Recent cases have included a teacher who made a mistake setting homework, a man who threw away a business card belonging to a man name Mohammed, and a Pakistani Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, who was accused of burning pages of Muslim holy texts last year.

The teenager was cleared by a court after it emerged that she may have been framed by a cleric trying to evict Christians from his area. She and her family are now in hiding.

Rehman, a prominent member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, was appointed as ambassador to the United States in November 2011.


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This is a secular world view of Jesus, mockery, blasphemy and persecution!

We must pray for the world and the unsaved.  This is another sign of how close we are to the Lord’s return!!!


‘He may be wearing sandals, but He can still kick a–‘


NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” spoofed famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino over the weekend with a gruesomely violent, fictitious movie trailer about Jesus wreaking bloody revenge upon the Romans who killed him.

“He’s risen from the dead,” the parody’s voiceover intones, “and He’s preaching anything but forgiveness. He may be wearing sandals, but He can still kick a–.”

The parody then re-enacts a number of Tarantino’s scenes, only with “Jesus,” “St. Peter” and other biblical characters shooting, beating and slicing their victims, all while sprays of blood splatter the screen.

“Jesus? O sh–!” shouts one victim about to suffer Jesus’ wrath. “Chill, man, chill!”

To which the “Jesus” character responds, “When you get to heaven, say ‘hi’ to my dad,” before blowing a melon-sized hole in the man’s torso.

Tarantino has a reputation for creating blood-splattered and violent films, including “Pulp Fiction,” the “Kill Bill” series, “Inglorious Basterds” and the most recent “Django Unchained,” each of which was spoofed in the parody movie trailer titled “Djesus Uncrossed.”

Guest host Christoph Waltz, who won an Academy Award for his role in “Inglorious Basterds,” played the part of “Djesus” in the SNL trailer.

The voiceover bills the fake movie as “the ultimate historical revenge fantasy.”

Rolling Stone called the SNL spoof trailer “stunning, in the best way possible … a spot-on send-up of Quentin Tarantino’s films, where Jesus (Waltz) rises from the dead, cuts down armies of Romans with swords and Uzis and leaves behind equal amounts hilarious blood and hilarious one-liners. Every last line in this gory sketch was written with impeccable sophistication.”

WND movie critic Drew Zahn, however, found it something less than “impeccable.”

“I’m reminded of the line from Steve Martin’s ‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’ when he declared his children’s pranks to be ‘wrong – funny, but wrong,’” Zahn said. “Yes, the parody is well made, and yes, Tarantino is ripe for a spoof just like this. Shoot, I can even see the humor in it. But its subject matter can only be described with one word: blasphemous.

“If anything in our PC culture should be considered obviously offensive, this is it,” Zahn continued. “Can you imagine the uproar that would occur if SNL made a parody, ‘Muhammad Unleashed?’ People at NBC would be losing their jobs. The ‘sensitivity police’ would be out in full force. It would cause international outcry.

“I just have to believe that if God gifted these actors and writers with such a gift for humor and wit,” Zahn concluded, “that He intended it for nobler purposes than mocking His Son.”


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St. Mattews Church in Auckland New Zealand Proclaiming “Jesus was Gay”

Church billboard: was Jesus gay?


………..I say Blasphemy and Heresy!!!

Gay Jesus billboard

SIGN OF THE TIMES: The billboard outside St Matthew’s church in central Auckland.

This church is obviously stating that Jesus, God himself may have been gay!  To infer that Jesus may have been gay is to make a complete mockery of God and the bible.  It means that Jesus who is God is imperfect and a sinner!  That God is not Holy!  This is Blasphemy against our Holy and Righteous God!  Why then do they practice their so called Christianity?! In making such a statement they are saying that it is OK to be gay.  That God accepts everyone as they are.  This goes against everything the bible teaches us.  God gave us the Ten Commandments in the old testament.  But, these were not the only commandments that God gave us.  The bible is replete with his commandments.  That is why we must read and study the bible to know God’s words.   He also told us to keep them:

John 14:15  “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”

1 Corinthians 6:9-10   Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” (NKJV)

Jesus also told us that he is the only way to the Father in Heaven:

John 14:6   Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

If this churches beliefs were true, then the bible, God’s Holy Words would have to be false.  Christianity would be false.  And Jesus himself who gave his life to us for eternal salvation would also be a lie.  Beware of false churches, Christs, teachers and prophets.

1 John 1:9:11  Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; 11 for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.”

Either the entire bible is true or it is false.  We cannot pick and choose what suits us best for the life style we wish to live.  The bible is God’s Holy Words that tell us how he wants us to live.  How to worship him and follow his commandments.  Many people believe that they can be saved and go to Heaven by just following some of the things the bible talks about.  For example, good works, praying to God and appearing holy and righteous.  It also sounds to me by reading their literature, that they believe there are many ways to Heaven.  They also perform same sex marriages at their church.  No where on their website could I find any information whatsoever on getting saved.  One article on their website called “Saving Jesus” they state “In other words ‘blood of Christ’ is a metaphor for life, power, and love.”  They do not believe that the blood that Jesus shed was to actually cover the sins of the world and give everyone of us everlasting life with the Father in Heaven!

Folks, this article is true!  It is hard to imagine for some.  Beware of false prophets and teachers!  Beware of unholy churches!  There are wolves in sheeps clothing waiting to deceive many.  Not everyone who proclaims to be Christian or to know Jesus is or does.  Test all things.  Pray for discernment, enlightenment and the truth.  Use God’s word as your basis in testing evil spirits.

I John 4:1-3   “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.”

Matthew 7:16-17   “You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forth bad fruit… “therefore by their fruits you shall know them.” 

Romans 16:17-18  “Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple.” 

1 Corinthians 2:15   “But he that is spiritual (or a spiritual man) judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no man.”

The following statement was copied from the churches website (bolded words made by gdk4god for emphasis):

Progressive Christianity———————————————–

Why does St Matthew-in-the-City need to give a modifier to the brand of Christianity it practices?  Because contrary to our human tendency to make sweeping generalisations, being “Christian” does not tell us much about a faith community beyond the probability that Jesus plays a part in its beliefs.

Neither does denomination.  Denominations are historical in nature.  That St Matthew’s is Anglican tells you only how we are organised (we are under the authority of a bishop in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, worship using forms originally based on the English Book of Common Prayer, and have historical roots in the English Reformation, when politically and theologically it made sense to look Catholic and sound Protestant.  We call this the “middle way” (via media).

Every Anglican church has its own “personality.”  Some emphasize tradition and look more Catholic.  Some emphasize preaching and Scripture and sound Evangelical or charismatic (Pentacostal).  Some are visibly and audibly a blend and focus on the importance of reason.

But those differences have to do with what authority is most important to them: Scripture, Church Teaching and Tradition, or Reason.

Progressive Christians take all three authorities seriously but make none of them supreme.  Progressives are more interested in spirituality than right belief or proper worship. The identity of Progressive Christians is centred in ethical living.

What do Progressive Christians hold in common?

It is not easy being “progressive.”

We are not alone

Being Progressive is not restricted to any one denomination

You don’t have to be Christian to be progressive———————————————————————————————————————————————

This so called “Christian” church is, if not already heading towards complete apostasy!  “Progressive Christian”!  What in the world?!  Is this a new politically correct term?  I say throw political correctness out the window!  What matters is not what man thinks, but what God thinks!!!  What this church is doing is demonizing the true Christian faith!  Demoralizing Christianity and God!  The times we now find ourselves in is one of evil and corruption.  The evil among us is turning against the good.  We as Christians must speak up and make our voices heard.  The world needs us now more than ever before in history.   We need to be the light that shines in a dark, dark world.  Jesus said that the path that leads to salvation is narrow.  We need to try and squeeze as many through as possible.  That is God’s command.  He wants to save as many people as possible. 

The mind of man is finite and foolish.  The mind of God is infinite and wise.  There are many things which are a mystery to us.  We think we know so much, yet we know so little.   The day will come when God will reveal to us what he has in store.  Make sure that you are on the right side history.  Amen,  Praise God!  Hallelujah!  Maranatha!!!

Jesus warned us of these times, the “signs of the end times”. This is one of the signs. God Bless You! May the Holy Spirit of God intervene and show you the truth! 🙂

Accept Jesus now as your personal Lord and Savior!  ;-)

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