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Greece left without ferries, trains for a day as unions hold May Day strike

Associated Press

Ferry and train services in Greece have ground to a halt as unions hold a strike for May Day.

And hundreds of people are gathering for planned rallies in central Athens Wednesday.

The country’s main labor unions are protesting soaring unemployment, which is the highest in the 27-country European Union, and the austerity measures the government is enacting in return for crucial bailout loans.

Greece nearly went bankrupt in 2010 and has since depended on money from its euro partners and the International Monetary Fund, granted on condition the government pursues deep spending cuts and wide-ranging economic reforms.

While the austerity has succeeded in reducing high budget deficits, it has been at a huge cost. The country is now in its sixth year of a deep recession.


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Athens Floods: Woman Saved Amid Traffic Chaos

Dramatic images emerge of a woman trapped in gushing water as heavy rain leads to widespread flooding in the Greek capital.


Hours of relentless rainfall have flooded roads and homes in Athens, causing gridlock across the Greek capital and forcing authorities to close a central metro station.
A woman stuck in her car reacts as flood waters gush past her during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens
A woman was rescued after getting stuck with her car north of Athens

The Greek fire brigade has been inundated with more than 600 calls to pump out water in the greater Athens region.

No injuries have been reported, but a woman whose car was caught in the flooding in Chalandri suburb, north of the city, had to be pulled to safety. 

A woman is rescued from flood waters by a resident standing on top of her car during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens
With muddy waters racing by, a man comes to her rescue

In some areas, ankle-high water filled the streets and parked vehicles were swept away by racing waters.

Police closed underpasses and motorways in low-lying parts of the city after they were submerged in floodwaters.

A woman stuck in her car is rescued from flood waters by residents during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens

“There are cars immobilised on several Athens highways and we have dispatched tow trucks to clear the roads,” Dimitris Papanagiotou, a senior traffic police officer, told state television NET.

A parliament employee narrowly avoided injury when a glass roof on the building’s ceiling gave way as she tried to clear away rainwater from it.

A woman stuck in her car is rescued from flood waters by residents during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens

The damage was quickly repaired, a parliament press officer said.

The city’s tram system had to be shut down, while urban rail schedules were disrupted after a tree fell on the tracks.

A woman is rescued from flood waters by residents during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens

“We have around 60 fire crews operating, we believe the rain will abate before midday,” deputy fire chief Vassilis Papageorgiou told NET.

A flash of lighting is seen in Piraeus, near Athens during a rainstorm
Lightning strikes during the thunderstorm

Meanwhile in Catania on the Italian island of Sicily, torrential rainfall caused flooding and disruption, turning streets into rivers, and dragging along parked cars, motorcycles, chairs and tables.

A flooded road is seen in Athens after a severe thunderstorm
A flooded road in Athens following a severe thunderstorm
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Chilling Video: Thousands of Neo-Nazis March Through Athens

Tens of thousands of neo-Nazis rallied in support of Greece’s Golden Dawn party, in its largest demonstration of support

Tens of thousands of neo-Nazis rallied in Athens in support of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, in the movement’s largest demonstration of support since its rise to power in last June’s general election.

www.israelnationalnews.com  –  By Rachel Hirshfeld

Men dressed in military uniforms, holding torches, donning swastikas and chanting anti-immigrant slogans, marched through central Athens in what was reportedly a memorial event paying tribute to the party’s “fallen soldiers,” The International Business Times reported.

“This is a day of remembrance. It’s a day to remember that Golden Dawn is here to stay. And so long as it does, there will be hope for the country,” Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kassidiaris told supporters.

Hundreds of riot police and security officials were deployed to the scene of the march, which took place near the prime minister’s office and the Turkish embassy in Athens, according to The Times.

The party, which has become notorious for its blatant anti-Semitic and xenophobic rhetoric and has been responsible for perpetrating attacks on Jews and foreigners, has begun spreading its anti-immigration message in schools and youth clubs, as well as through online social media networks, according to recent reports in the international press.

Golden Dawn emerged victorious in the country’s general election last June, gaining 7 percent of the vote and 18 seats in parliament in what was seen as a barely fathomable increase from its 0.2 percent show of support in the previous election in 2009.

“As Greece’s economic fortunes have plummeted, so Golden Dawn’s fortunes have soared,” The Times explains.

The party’s surge in popularity has become increasingly worrisome for Jews and foreigners, who do not have to stretch their imaginations in order to draw parallels to Europe in the late 1930s.

“For a nation that suffered dearly under the Nazis, neo-Nazi gatherings like these should be banned,” said Sofia Laniti, a 47-year-old saleswoman, who witnessed the march.

Vassiliki Georgiadou, a professor at Panteion University and an expert in far-right nationalism, who has studied Golden Dawn for years, told The Times that, “They discard the label of Nazism and instead play up the nationalist card.”

“They use ancient Greek history as a camouflage to hide their true identity: that they’re fans of Hitler, anti-Semitism,” Georgiadou added.


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