Are You Lonely and Depressed? Do You Feel Empty Inside? There is Hope.

By Gordon King

The world can be a lonely place.  With all of the hustle and bustle of modern-day society, most people are busy with their day-to-day lives.  Too busy to lend a helping hand, to listen, to smile and ask “how are you?”.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks all are very real.  Not only are they real, they can also be deadly.  When a person is severely depressed he (she) feels hopeless.  Nothing seems to matter anymore.  He becomes tired and withdrawn.  The ability to think and reason, perform daily tasks, and function can be seriously compromised.  There seems to be no solution or help.  Life just does not seem worth living anymore.  Suicide is common among the severely depressed.  It seems like a viable solution to the problem at the time.

Depression can also lead to illness.  The person looses his appetite, doesn’t sleep and the immune system all but shuts down.  The body becomes more susceptible to disease and organ failure.   Depression may have the opposite effect on some people.  They may compensate by becoming addicted to food, alcohol and/or drugs.  All of which have their own negative effects on the body and mind.

Doctors prescribe medications to enable the person to cope.  Many physicians will also refer the patient to counseling services.  These can be needed and are often helpful.  However, is this enough?  Will this cure the problem?  Will I still feel empty inside? 

There is an answer.

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