Starving sea lion pups stranding on California beaches

From left, Kirsten Sedlick, Daniel Connor, Ashley Cook and Brennan Slavik tube-feed the rescued sea lion pups at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Monday, March 2, 2015, in Laguna Beach, Calif. Since January, more than 1,100 starving and sickly sea lion pups have washed up along California’s coast. Rescue centers have taken in about 800 but are stretched thin by the demand. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)


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11 more pilot whales found dead, raising death toll to 22


Eleven pilot whales beached themselves and died at Snipe Point, Fla.    NOAA/REUTERS

The story of the 51 pilot whales stranded in shallow water at the edge of Everglades National Park, Fla., does not have a happy ending. Eleven were found dead last week and another 11 were found beached in the lower Florida Keys Sunday. Authorities say it’s unlikely any more will be found alive.

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Sometimes We Just Need A Break!

Smiling animals: The happiest creatures in the Animal Kingdom

A smiling seal.

Smiling harbor seal
They say a smile is contagious! Turn an ordinary, just okay day into a great day by checking out the happiest creatures in the Animal Kingdom … There’s a lot to love about an adorable harbor seal chuckling merrily to himself while perched on a rock. This little guy appeared absolutely tickled as he lounged around Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, Calif., having a hearty laugh all to himself as he soaked up some California sun.     Veronica Craft/Caters

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Wave of gruesome finds of mutilated sheep in Texas are linked to aliens and Satanic rituals


A dead female mutilated Barbados sheep shown here is one of the 21 missing or killed sheep on the Daggs farm

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Some people seem to think that aliens have performed surgery on these mutilated animals.  I disagree.  I believe that it’s demonic spirits performing these gruesome acts.  The article states that the removal of specific organs were removed with “surgical precision” and “laser like” accuracy, “no spilled blood”, and “no indication of how the animals were killed”.  Does not sound like human intervention.  Aliens are concocted by governments to lead us to believing in them.  Why?  I am not sure, however, it may be one of the lies told to the public after the rapture of the church has taken place.  Read the article and decide for yourself.

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God Thought About Everything! He Loves Us All!

Commentary By Gordon King

Photos from photobucket

God loves everyone and he wanted us to know it! 

dog with kitten photo: cat_dog kitten_dog.jpg

God photos photo: God 89e8.jpg

Shangrala's God's Most Beautiful!

God photos photo: The Eye Of God EyeofGod.jpg

God is keeping his eye on us!

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 15.jpg

God's beauty photo: God always give us beauty in the midst of our problems--mom's lilies 282069_2281115504632_7009172_n.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty coloradobeauty.jpg

God's beauty photo:  FieldOfFlowers.jpg

God's beauty photo: God's Beauty At Worki Beachsunset.jpg

God's beauty photo: Beauty naturalwallpapers6.jpg

His Love For Us Is In Plain Site!

rainbows photo: Dreamscape Dreamscape.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 19.jpg

God photos photo: God's fireworks DSC_1042.jpg

dog with kitten photo:  kitten-dog.jpg

cute animal photo: Cute Animal 14.jpg

God photos photo: God Bless the USA eagle americaeaglebanner.jpg

Praise and Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!  Amen   😉

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Peru: Dozens Of Dead Sea Creatures Washed Up

The bodies of 18 sea turtles, 22 sea lions, eight dolphins, 16 sharks and 22 marine birds are found on the coastline of Peru.


Experts are trying to work out why nearly 100 dead animals and birds have washed up on a Peruvian coastline.

The bodies of 18 sea turtles, 22 sea lions, eight dolphins, 16 angular roughsharks and 22 marine birds were found during an inspection by government officials.

Some of the creatures were sprayed with a special paint as part of an investigation into the grim discovery along 77 miles of the Lambayeque coastline.

The carcasses, were in various states of decomposition, were measured, placed in bags and then taken away for analysis.

Jaime De La Cruz, an engineer with Peru’s Ocean Institute, said a report detailing their cause of death was expected in the coming weeks.

In the past couple of years, a worrying number of dead sea creatures have been ending up on Peru’s shores.

While officials have yet to conclusively pinpoint a cause, some of the possible explanations include viruses, offshore oil exploration, or poisoned food sources.


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