U.S. gov’t ‘buying up’ AK-47 rifles

Government buying up AR 15s

But Obama pushing gun control on American citizens

(WND) Secretary of State John Kerry signing the United Nations small arms treaty is nothing more than empty symbolism, and President Obama will get nowhere in his latest attempt to advance gun-control legislation, says Bill Frady, host of “Lock ‘n’ Load Radio” presented by Gun Owners of America, who also noted that the U.S. government has been buying up AK-47 rifles and ammunition.

Kerry signed the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty this week while in New York City for the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. Supporters say it would clamp down on weapons trafficking between rogue regimes and terrorist organizations. Frady told WND it would have a restricting effect on law-abiding gun owners in the U.S. as well.

“It also dictates to the signing states that they have to impose new rules and regulations within their nations to make sure they’re able to comply with this treaty and that covers small arms,” Frady said. “Terrorists are not running around with American-made weapons. They’re running around with AKs. There’s various nations that will underwrite any cause (such as) Russia, China. The AK is the prevalent weapon on the planet. So we’re not the problem. I did notice that along the way (Obama) did manage to get in there and back Syrian rebels to the tune of $340 million.

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Gun owner targeted with ‘no-knock’ raid

But appeal challenges constitutionality of cops’ fear of AK-47


A Texas citizen is asking a state appeals court to decide whether police are justified in launching a no-knock raid on a home they want to search simply because they believe there is a gun inside.

“Whatever the issue might be, whether it’s mass surveillance, no-knock raids, or the right to freely express one’s views about the government, we’ve moved into a new age in which the rights of the citizenry are being treated as a secondary concern by the White House, Congress, the courts and their vast holding of employees, including law enforcement officials,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, which is defending John Gerard Quinn.

The controversy arose after police officers in Texas executed a no-knock raid on Quinn’s home, based on their belief there was an AK-47 rifle inside.

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AK-47-Wielding Gunman Fires 37 Times at Shocked Cops During Routine Traffic Stop

Terrifying dash-cam footage captures the moment a crazed motorist opened fire with an AK-47 rifle at police officers who had just pulled him over for a minor traffic violation in Middlefield, Ohio.

James Gilkerson, 42, exited his parked car and then fired 37 shots at the officers and their patrol car, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. Officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage returned fire, killing Gilkerson.

James Gilkerson Fires at Ohio Police 37 Times After Routine Traffic Stop

James Gilkerson fired 37 bullets at police before they took him down. (Credit: Middlefield Police)

Police have no idea why Gilkerson opened fire.

“He got of the vehicle, intending to kill my officers. We don’t know why he did it,” said Middlefield Police Chief Arnold Stanko. “He was a scumbag, and a terrorist, and he’s dead.”

In the March 10 video, Gilkerson exits his car—which the officers pulled over for running a stop sign—and sprays the patrol car with rounds of gunfire, cracking the windshield.

Thomas, reportedly outside the patrol car on the driver’s side, is heard shouting as bullets begin flying at them. Stanko said Gilkerson was shot several times, but kept firing; he even shouted, “Kill me.” Savage returns fire through the windshield, after which the officers kill Gilkerson.

Thomas lost a finger in the shootout; Savage sustained minor injuries to his left thigh.

Here’s the dash-cam footage of the shootout (Warning: Graphic imagery):

Stanko said eight 40-round magazines were found inside Gilkerson’s car, as well as some disturbing reading material (e.g., Backyard Rocketry: Converting Model Rockets into Explosive Missiles and Homemade Detonators: How to Make Them).

Officials say the officers’ actions were justified and no grand jury proceedings will be necessary.


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