St. Louis police group criticizes Rams players

Members of the St. Louis Rams raise their arms in awareness of the events in Ferguson, Mo., as they walk onto the field during introductions before an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, in St. Louis.

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Pastor Calls Citizens to Defend Gun Rights With ‘Violent Aggressive Opposition’ & ‘Bloodshed’ (if Needed)

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Terry Jones, the pastor known for fiery anti-Islam rhetoric and for his very-public Koran-burning, released a shocking statement this morning through his organization, Stand Up America. Entitled, “Banning Guns: Resistance to the Point of Bloodshed,” the three-paragraph press release calls for the nation to potentially meet Second Amendment crackdowns with “fierce opposition.” Additionally, Jones implores the public to combat “disarming” to the point of bloodshed, if needed.

“The disarming of Americans cannot be tolerated by the American people to the point of resistance even to the shedding of blood,” the statement reads. “History has taught us whether it be the Russian revolution or whether it be the Nazi era, that as a government disarms its own people, leaving the people with no opportunity and no possibility to defend itself, leads to the destruction of our civilization.”

Terry Jones Encourages Americans to Defend Second Amendment With Bloodshed if Needed

Jones goes on to say that the public has two enemies — criminals and the government. The faith leader then calls for the latter institution to be tied down “with the chains of the Constitution” so that it “does not become a legalized version of the first.” While the aforementioned statements will certainly raise eyebrows, it is the concluding statements that are, perhaps, most controversial.

“Every generation needs a revolution. We must resist the disarming of the American people, if necessary, with violent aggressive opposition,” Jones proclaims. “The tree of liberty must be, from time to time, refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

TheBlaze reached out to Stand Up America to speak further about intentions behind the press release. A representative declined to comment in detail, however we are awaiting a response from Jones.

These comments come on the heels of an event the pastor held last month called “Burn Obama Day,” during which he decried “universal deceit” and subsequently burned an effigy of the president. Watch it all unfold, below:  (Warning: the video in one short part contains a few curse words.)


NOTE FROM LYN: I recall a Perry Stone message where he saw fires everywhere in the U.S. and utter chaos. Then we have Marshall Law being implemented.  What I foresee is what many other people are saying, and that is a major civil war.  Just watch, I think it’s going to happen soon.


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