5 Women Dead in California Limo Fire



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May 5, 2013

Authorities are investigating today what caused a stretch limousine to burst into flames, killing five women as it crossed a San Francisco-area bridge.

Nine female passengers were in the limo, along with a male driver, when it caught fire in the westbound lane of the San Mateo bridge late Saturday, California Highway Patrol officer Art Montiel told ABC News.

The fire is believed to have started in the back of the car and quickly spread, but the cause of the fire was under investigation, Montiel said.

“It does not appear that it [the limo] was involved in a collision, so it just appears that it was a vehicle fire,” he said.

Four women escaped the limousine and were being treated at two area hospitals for smoke inhalation and burns, Montiel said. He said the driver was not injured in the blaze.

The names of the victims have not been released and authorities said they are uncertain of the womens’ plans for the evening.

“We have no idea right now where they were going or where they were coming from,” California Highway Patrol Officer Amelia Jack told ABC News station KGO-TV in San Francisco.

The name of the limousine company was not released, but the vehicle was described as a white Lincoln and was said to have been booked from a San Jose, Calif., company.


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Three Explosions Kill Two, Injure Dozens at Boston Marathon

Three explosions erupted at the famed Boston Marathon today, killing two people, injuring dozens more and turning the race into what looked like a war zone.

The casualties were caused by two bombs that exploded almost simultaneously near the race finish line on Boylston Street before 3 p.m. The area was crowded with runners and spectators, and thousands of runners were still completing the race at the time of the first explosion.

Police said that two people were killed and 23 injured.

A third explosion occurred later at John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, but no one was injured, police said.

Authorities are investigating the cause of all three explosions.

Winslow Townson/AP Photo

PHOTO: A scene of the Boston Marathon, where explosions were reported near the finish line of the race on April 15, 2013.

ABC News
A scene of the Boston Marathon, where explosions were reported near the finish line of the race on April 15, 2013.

According to law enforcement sources, the first bomb exploded at the Marathon Sports running store, and blew out windows in four nearby buildings, injuring 15 to 20 individuals. The second blast occurred about 50 to 100 yards away, severely injuring more bystanders, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

Authorities believe they were caused by small portable devices, sources told ABC News.

Police are asking for all video footage of the finish line at the time of the explosion.

At least 23 people have been confirmed injured and six are in critical condition, police said.

An emergency room doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital told ABC News that they have performed several amputations already, particularly on victims whose legs were injured. Many of the victims are runners still wearing numbers on their shirts, the doctor said.

He described the injuries as “shrapnel-type wounds” as possibly caused by “pipe bombs,” though police have not confirmed that description.

Earlier, trauma nurse from Massachusetts General Hospital told ABC News that medical workers had set up a temporary morgue at a medical tent at the road race and were treating patients with severed limbs and children with severe burns.

Boston EMS personnel could be seen shuttling the injured out of the blast area on wheelchairs. Several of the victims were bleeding from the face.

A doctor who was in the medical tent, about 150 yards away from the explosion, at the time said it looked like a “warzone,” with “lots of blood,” and said that all physicians were told to go to the scene and help the injured.

Boston police set off a third explosion before 4 p.m. and were sweeping the area, checking dozens of bags left behind by runners who evacuated the area after the explosions. Officials are also testing for chemicals to help determine what kind of device was used, according to police.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in touch with the FBI in Boston and President Obama was notified of the blasts. All of Boston’s police force was ordered to report to duty.

Security precautions were taken elsewhere beyond Boston. In Washington DC, Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House has been closed to pedestrians and there is heightened security.

In Boston, police have told people in area to avoid trash cans, according to witnesses.

The explosions erupted on what is usually a festive day in Boston. It is designated Patriots Day and most offices are closed for the celebration and the marathon.

Debris from the explosions could be seen scattered throughout the spectators stands and finish line area of the marathon as emergency personnel cleared the area.

Video of the explosions showed plumes of white smoke pouring into the air above the street where runners were.

More than 26,00 runners were registered to compete in this year’s marathon. The marathon clock was at shortly after four hours at the time of the explosions, which is the average time it takes runners to complete the Boston race, potentially putting the greatest number of competitors at risk.


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Kerry Says Attack On Iran “More Possible”

Kerry Iran Nuclear Weapons

March 5, 2013

At the end of his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, John Kerry acknowledged that despite the continued diplomacy and tough sanctions being leveled against Iran, the regime continues to get closer to possessing a nuclear weapon.

“Lines have been drawn before and they’ve been passed,” Kerry said. “That’s why the president has been so definitive this time. This is a very challenging moment with great risks and stakes for everybody because the region will be far less stable and far more threatened if Iran were to have a nuclear weapon.”

Kerry sat down with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz in Qatar as his first overseas trip as President Obama’s secretary of state wound down.

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