‘No Refusal’ Blood Checkpoints in Oregon on July 4th (Video)

(Starts at 13 seconds into video)

Commentary By:  Gordon King

(SOURCE)  The State of Oregon will be having road checkpoints on the 4th of July, stopping cars for mandatory breathalyzer tests or blood tests.  Apparently if a person refuses the breathalyzer the police will obtain a warrant for a blood test from an on-call judge.

This is called a “No Refusal” checkpoint, meaning that if you are stopped by the police, then they will make you take either test.  The test may be performed on-site, at a medical facility, or in jail.

This is nothing new under the sun, as we have seen these checkpoints popping up around the country over the past few years. 

Is this legal for them to be doing this?  Or is it an infringement upon our Constitutional rights as Americans?  I believe the later to be the case.


Park “Rules” Sign Summarizes Sorry State Of Freedom On Independence Day

Many Americans see no point in celebrating anything

Steve Watson
July 4, 2013

A picture of a “JULY 4TH PARK RULES” notice, posted to the internet perfectly sums up the sorry state of freedom in the nation as Americans celebrate their Independence today.

While the sign outwardly bans any fireworks, barbecues or alcohol, you would think that it would still leave intact the right to celebrate the freedom and independence parts of July 4th. Not so.

The sign notifies anyone entering the park that police overlords will be rummaging around inside their bags and coolers, and that “The entire park is under video surveillance.”

Well, that kind of wraps it up for July 4th then.

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