10 thoughts on “Sinner’s Prayer

  1. I love God and Jesus Christ. I accept them to be my lord and savor I accept them to come into my heart. I will love the rest of my days for them.

  2. Hello Keayra! God bless you sister! Welcome to the family.

    Remember, that although God is composed of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, He is one. Our finite human minds cannot understand this, however in heaven we shall know.

    That is so exciting that you have accepted the Lord! God’s Holy Spirit is now dwelling inside of you Keayra. He shall be your guide, your comforter, your friend, and your protector.

    Stay close to Him and He shall guide your paths. Pray to Him often. Praying is not difficult, it’s just talking with God, nothing fancy. Read the bible daily and learn His ways. I suggest that you begin in the New Testament.

    God Bless you Keayra!

  3. I have lived most of my life as a sinner, refusing to believe and accept the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father Almighty. I realize that all this time I was wrong and refused the word because I did not want to give up my sinning life. I thank the Lord for showing me the way.
    Thank You Lord

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