Jesus Not God, Not Crucified……What do you Think?



Commentary by:  Gordon King

Hello folks, I have received yet another comment from a Muslim woman who does not believe that Jesus was God.  Does not believe that he was crucified or was killed.  And cannot understand why anyone would follow a God who kills an innocent being.

I have given my response to her below.   What are your thoughts and opinions?  Please post comments of your thoughts, they do matter!

God Bless Everyone!   Maranatha     😉

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Peaceful Islam, What’s Your Opinion?


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Hello folks, I hope and pray that all are well.

I recently received a rather long comment on a post that I made late yesterday evening: “Islam Growing in Strength and Numbers”.

This gentleman is from an Islamic school in London, England.  He has written me many long emails of this nature.  I have posted his comment here along with my response to him.  The reason that I am posting this is to get your viewpoint on the matter.  He seems to think that I am misguided and misinformed about Islam.

He feels that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and that the religion is peaceful and loving;  that it is only the minority killing, torturing, hating, imprisoning, etc.

I would appreciate comments, however, please keep them civil (I’m sure you will).  🙂

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