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The following is a list of charities, reference material, videos and bible prophecy websites for the latest news and information.  I am in no way affiliated with any of these sites nor do I necessarily agree with all of the doctrine presented.  The sites listed are for your information only.  Please use your best judgement and discernment, ask God for enlightenment.  For more information please visit their sites.  Thank You.  🙂


————————————————— CHARITY————————————————————

American Red Cross                                                 

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews      

Prison Fellowship                                                     

————————————————– REFERENCE ——————————————————-

The Bible                      You version online              

SeekFind                      Biblical information            

————————————————– VIDEOS ————————————————————–

Brigitte Gabriel            Radical Islam                       

Eric Ludy                     The Gospel (Awesome!)        

Firecharger                 Prophecy                             

Jesus Film                  Jesus                                  

Scottie (ERF)              Prophecy                              

————————————————- WEBSITES ———————————————————–

Am Prep Network         Survival Preparation             

Greg Laurie                  Harvest Ministries                

Hal Lindsey                  Bible prophecy and videos    

Jack Van Impe             Bible prophecy and videos    

Survival-Supply           Survival Preparation             



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