East Palestine Ohio Chemical Fire is a Deadly Disaster, yet Authorities Downplay how Serious it Really is!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

It was bad enough that the Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials (vinyl chloride) derailed in East Palestine Ohio on February 3, 2023, but for the EPA to allow the chemicals to be drained from the train cars and then lit on fire is beyond belief!  Surely there is a much safer and saner method of disposing of this material, not to mention the fire destroying a possible crime scene!  On top of that you have government officials telling everyone that the area is safe, and that residents can return home.  Really?!

The contaminants from just the burning of these chemicals are extremely deadly!

CHEMICAL WARNING: Being exposed to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of DIOXINS is your maximum LIFETIME allowable exposure

If the air is so safe, then why are animals in the area dying off in mass numbers?

Animals getting sick, dying near “hellish Ohio train derailment site”

Chemicals in the air, the water, and the ground are now contaminated, but for how long, does anyone know?  Months, Years, Decades?  How about the chemicals in the air that have traveled in the wind, how far will they travel and continue to be deadly?  Not to mention the chemicals that have travelled downstream, or in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the water table underground!  This disaster isn’t only going to affect East Palestine Ohio, it will spread much further.  

This is a tragic and enormous environmental disaster, one that should not have happened, one that could have been avoided.  Yet it was the EPA that allowed the Norfolk Southern Railway to drain the chemical tanks and burn the chemicals, and it’s the very same EPA that is telling the residents of East Palestine Ohio that the water is safe to drink, and the air is safe to breathe!

“The EPA’s administrator, Michael Regan, walked along a creek that still reeks of chemicals and sought to reassure skeptical residents that the water was fit for drinking and the air safe to breathe around East Palestine, where just less than 5,000 people live near the Pennsylvania state line.”

If the air is safe and the water is safe, then why are so many animals and fish dying in mass numbers?  Beginning in the 1900’s, miners used canaries to test for poisonous gas in mines, if the canary became weak or died then the miners knew to get out!  Well, what’s the difference between the canaries and the mass number of animals dying now in East Palestine?  The fact is that these animals are smaller than we are, and they will die quicker than we will, it’s a sign that something is not right with the air and the water around us.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

Our government is at fault, at the very least negligent, if not outright complicit!  This disaster should be at the top of the list, and government officials should be doing everything that they can to protect its citizens!  The founding principles of our government is to protect its citizens from harm, yet the citizens are being treated with disregard and disrespect.  

The government cares more about gender pronouns, abortion, gender mutilation, and the “climate change agenda” than they do about its own citizens!  If they really cared about the environment then they would care about the chemical leak and fires, the disasters that they are causing, and they wouldn’t have allowed it to happen in the first place!

There is no proof that CO2 is bad for the environment or that it is causing any “climate change”, yet the government has put it at the top of the list, even over the safety of its own citizens!  It seems to be more important to them that we all drive electric vehicles then breathe clean air and drink clean fresh water!  If they really cared about clean air, then why did they green light the burning of these toxic chemicals?!!!  Something is askew and it just doesn’t add up my friends, it doesn’t add up!  Unless of course it’s part of a depopulation agenda!!!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!