Wars and Rumors of Wars, Is America being Surveilled for an Invasion?

Chinese surveillance balloon and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Most of us have already heard about the so-called Chinese weather balloon making its way across America.  But what many might not know is that this was not a weather balloon, but a spy balloon!  A balloon being used to surveil America and its vital infrastructure, including sensitive military nuclear sites and our electrical grid system among other things. 

The U.S. government allowed this spy balloon to travel across the entire continental United States before shooting it down!  Unbelievable!!!  But that my friends, was a bit too late to say the least.  The balloon already gathered all of the information that it wanted, and as a spy balloon I’m sure that it had lots of electronic equipment aboard, including computers connected to satellites which transmitted the collected data once it received it.  

Did the Chinese government do this merely to gather data?  Or perhaps to see how our government would respond to it?  I believe both to be true.  If they can send a spy balloon not only into America, but across the entire nation without being stopped, then what’s to stop them from invading America?

The Chinese have been buying up farmland and businesses across the nation.  What are they actually doing within these businesses, or for that matter with the farmland?!

Our nation has been compromised by the Chinese, and Joe Biden has also been compromised by the Chinese!  Why do you think that he allowed this to happen in the first place?

I wrote a post several years ago about a dream that I had, America being attacked.  In the dream I couldn’t tell if the attacking forces were Asian or perhaps Russian, now I wonder if just perhaps they were both, and that’s why I couldn’t tell their nationality!  

I Had a Dream….America Attacked!

I’m not claiming that this dream will actually take place, however, I’m also not claiming that it won’t either!  

What do military forces do before an attack?  They carry out surveillance missions, reconnaissance missions, where military forces scout out the enemy before an attack.  The Chinese spy balloon isn’t necessarily proof that the Chinese are in fact planning to attack America, nations have been spying on nations for thousands of years.  However, we must not ignore it or sweep it under the rug as nothing more than the Chinese spying on us for no main purpose either.  

Those that study and understand bible prophecy know that America will not be a major player in the end times, it’s not even mentioned in bible prophecy!  Therefore, America must not be much of a superpower in the end times, it must somehow be degraded and weakened.  What better way to weaken America then to destroy its military capabilities?

The Biden Administration is doing a very good job of that itself, leaving approximately 90 billion dollars’ worth of military assets in Afghanistan, while sending the rest of it to Ukraine!  Our military readiness is being degraded at lightning speed, while our military assets (planes, tanks, helicopters, and ammunition) are being depleted, not to mention the thousands of U.S. troops that were terminated for not taking a deadly injection, and the lack of people volunteering to join the armed forces.

With all of these things in mind, the Chinese can see just how weak we are militarily and with our current policies.  If the Chinese are waiting to attack us, then they will do it while the iron is hot! 

Russia on the other hand is in lockstep with China, they are both part of the BRICS nations, they have a strategic alliance between themselves, and both are aggressive towards America and American interests.  It isn’t so farfetched to believe that if China was planning an attack upon America that Russia would also be involved.

America is very strongly supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, sending them billions upon billions of dollars, military, equipment, spying, and even the training of Ukranian soldiers on American soil.  As far as Russia is concerned, America is also in the war against them!  Valdimir Putin has warned America and the other NATO countries to stop or face nuclear attacks, he has warned about this over and over again!

We must also take into account the Global Elite.  Their plan is to depopulate the planet, but also to rake in as much wealth as they can to gain as much power as they can, and what better way to do it then through war.  War creates both, mass death and lots of money!  So, what do they have to do with these wars?  They can create the wars, they can manipulate the wars, and they can intensify the wars!

If China were to attack America, what better time to do it then when America is at its weakest?  When its leaders are weak and ill prepared, when its military is weak and ill prepared, when its people are preoccupied with Covid, inflation, energy shortages, lawlessness, and chaos, when the nation is divided.  What better time than when its government is more concerned with gender pronouns and gender transitions of its military members than with actual combat readiness?

The end times will be filled with increasing wars and rumors of wars, this is bible prophecy.  It shouldn’t surprise any of us who are studying bible prophecy when these things being to come to pass.  The return of Jesus Christ for the church is imminent!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!