Anyone that can put 2 + 2 together and get 4 should be able to see what is happening in the world, a Global Takeover!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

What will it take for the masses of people living in the world to actually see what is happening all around us?  It’s all right in front of our face, if we dare look, and if we care to see it! 

Just add it all up and the sum of the equation equals global tyranny!  The following are lists of things which are either planned or caused by the global elite, and all are being used to destroy society and to depopulate the planet.


  • Event 201 October 2019 – Prediction of a Global Pandemic (Corona Virus).
  • February 2020 (four months after Event 201) – First case of Covid-19 in America, beginning of global pandemic.
  • Mandated vaccines, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns.
  • Operation Warp Speed – The development and distribution of a Covid vaccine in less than one year!  The average amount of time it takes to develop and implement a vaccine is 10 to 15 years.
  • Covid-19, a virus with a 99% survival rate for most people.
  • Government mandated protocols for Covid-19 treatments in hospitals (Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, and ventilators, which are killing people).
  • The vilification of inexpensive, safe and effective Covid-19 treatments (Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine).
  • Terminations of employees refusing the “vaccine”.
  • Censorship, Harassment, and Punishment of those with opposing views of the Covid “vaccines”.
  • The refusal of government entities, big pharma, and the mainstream media to investigate the claims that the Covid-19 “vaccines’ are killing and injuring people on a mass scale and causing people to die suddenly.
  • Increasing cancer rates, myocarditis, pericarditis, miscarriages, infertility, etc. after the rollout of the Covid “vaccines”.
  • The continued push by government entities, the mainstream media, and others, for people to continue taking the Covid-19 “vaccines”, even after they have been proven to be neither safe or effective but rather damaging and deadly.

Worldwide Crises

  • Economic crisis – worst inflation rate in decades, endless money printing, world economies on the brink of collapse, governments turning to a digital currency (easily controllable and leading to the Mark of the Beast system).
  • Food crisis – fertilizer shortages, mass killing of chickens and turkeys, food production facilities by the dozens being destroyed, government entities calling for us to stop eating meat and instead eat lab grown meat and bugs (which will cause people to be unhealthy, sick, and even die).
  • Healthcare crisis – people dying by deadly treatment protocols, hospitals and doctors pushing Covid bioweapon injections, people being refused transplants if not vaxxed.
  • Energy crisis – destruction of “fossil fuels”, drastic need for fuel, rising energy costs, push for EVs when electricity is in short supply, power grids not able to handle increasing electric needs and there won’t be enough electricity to supply the demand for EVs. 
  • Border Crisis – open U.S. Southern borders allow millions of illegal aliens to enter the country overwhelming our system at every level, increased illegal drugs walking across the border, women and children being raped, murdered, and sold as sex slaves, countless number of people being found dead along the border, terrorists freely walking into the country, the government unwilling to even acknowledge that there is a problem let alone fix it.

Moral Decline

  • Increasing lawlessness, murder, rape, and theft, and judges refusing to prosecute.
  • Defunding the police (while crime is at an all-time high).
  • Destruction of the family unit, a family the way that God intended it to be, a man, woman, and children is being torn apart at the seams and being replaced with homosexual families or families with only one parent, and they are encouraged.  
  • Sexual identity (male or female) is being destroyed and replaced with any number of sexes depending upon how a person feels about themselves. 
  • Mutilation of children (even without a parent’s consent). 
  • Radical ideologies replacing our Declaration of Independence and Constitution (founded under God), with the Social Justice Movement, BLM, and Critical Race Theory.
  • Stolen elections (most judges refusing to even hear about it), fraud and corruption in our government.
  • Turning away from God Almighty and His word, replacing Him with the worshiping of the environment and idols.
  • Increasing persecution of Christians.

Climate Change Agenda

  • Demonization of “fossil fuels”, even though there is no viable or sustainable alternative other than nuclear power (which is not happening).
  • Laws outlawing the sale of gasoline powered vehicles in the very near future.
  • The destruction of animals for food because they say that they are bad for the environment, even though they are needed for our health and wellbeing.
  • Climate taxes are coming, there is already talk about it.
  • More restrictions and mandates are coming just as with Covid-19, however I believe this time it will be even worse!
  • Digital IDs, passports and currency are currently in the works, all of which will limit our ability to live due to us being controlled by the elite.  They will control how much electricity we can consume, when we can consume it, and who can consume it, what we eat and how much we eat, where we travel and if we can travel, and they will control who receives digital currency and who doesn’t.  Not only that but we will own nothing but rent everything from them!

Artificial Intelligence

  • Global Elite using artificial intelligence to control us.
  • Fake reports and posts on social media by bots and AI.
  • Algorithms used to spread fear and propaganda and censor the truth.
  • Fake people (via AI) being used to promote the global agenda.
  • Artificial Intelligence doesn’t care about human life.

These are just some of the things that are either happening now, are in the works, or are coming in the very near future.  All of them are not for our benefit, but solely for theirs!

The Covid injections are not for our health or wellbeing, but rather are bioweapons being used to depopulate the planet.  These injections have not taken out as many people yet as they wanted them to, this was phase onePhase two is the climate change agenda, and I believe that it will be much worse than phase one!  

Phase two (climate change agenda) will take out many more people, people that now have compromised immune systems from phase one (Covid Plandemic via bioweapon injections).  I recently wrote a post about how eating crickets is harmful to your health and can even kill you.  Well, the global elite’s plan is to get us to stop eating healthy foods (beef, chicken, etc.) and instead eat things that will weaken us even further, and cause many, many people to become ill and even die!  They also want us to eat lab grown meats that they have concocted in their laboratories, and only God knows what is really in it, but it can’t be good for us!  Most people that have taken the deadly bioweapon injections are ticking time bombs, it’s only a matter of time before it takes them down.  And when you add to that food that is engineered to be harmful and deadly, well, you get the picture.  They are destroying and contaminating our food supply, it’s no wonder that the world is on the brink of famine!

Add to that more restrictions being placed upon us, restricted travel, lockdowns, limited energy, and mass surveillance.  All of these things combined will cause many people to die, and many more to suffer and become very ill.

Take a good look at all of the things that I mentioned, add them up and see what you come up with.  Are they merely coincidences?  Have they just happened naturally or by accident?  Or perhaps they were all preplanned to happen by a group of people who claim to be the Elite!  People who claim that they know better than the rest of us, that they have all of the answers, and that the rest of us are nothing more than useless eaters!  I didn’t say it, they themselves did!!!

Are we listening to what they are saying, to what their plans are, or are we hiding our heads in the sand, unwilling to know the truth?

If they really cared about us, about our health and wellbeing, then they would investigate whether or not Covid is really as deadly as they say that it is.  They would not have pushed a so-called “vaccine” upon the world without safely testing it first, and they most definitely would have stopped the campaign after seeing so many people just dropping dead and dying suddenly for no apparent reason, many of whom were very young and healthy people!  Yet even so, they continue to push these deadly bioweapons upon us.  But now as it stands, people that have been injected with these deadly bioweapons have compromised if any immune system left, and even the common cold can take them out!  The Covid variants that are sprouting up are even less severe than Covid itself (as severe as a common cold or flu), yet many, many vaccinated people are falling severely ill from it and being hospitalized, many even dying from it!

If they really cared about our health and wellbeing, then they would truly investigate if climate change were a real thing, and they wouldn’t be ignoring all of the climate hysteria over many, many decades (which never came to pass)!  They wouldn’t be destroying our food supply, our energy supply, our healthcare system, and our economy.  They wouldn’t be printing trillions upon trillions of dollars knowing that it would cause severe inflation, recession, depression, and eventually the collapse of the economy.  They would also know that the use of solar power and windmills is not even close to being able to supply the world with the electricity demand.  And if they are so stupid as to not know these things then they shouldn’t be in charge over us!

The fact is that the things that they are doing as I mentioned above are destroying us and our society, and if you can’t see it, well then, I don’t know what else to tell you, but it’s way past time to wake up!

Wake up and see what is taking place around you and why.  The world is being setup for the coming One World Government and the Antichrist!  And if we are getting that close to the Tribulation Period, then we are even that much closer to the rapture of the church!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!