Klaus Schwab was confronted on the streets of Davos by an Independent Journalist, but he won’t answer any questions

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Klaus Schwab was confronted on the streets of Davos by an independent journalist from Japan, but he refused to answer any questions from her.

Independent Reporter Confronts Klaus Schwab (WATCH)

This reporter sounded very nice and was very polite to Klaus Schwab, no reason for him to brush her off.  However, once he discovered that she wasn’t from the mainstream media but independent media he quickly gave her the cold shoulder and rushed off.  

It was reported beforehand that Klaus Schwab wasn’t going to attend the WEF annual meeting in Davos this year, I suppose he did that for security reasons.  After all, there are many people who know what he is up to and may seek to try and stop him.  If you notice in the video Klaus has at least two very large bodyguards with him, then he drives off with another car or two following him.  

The Global Elite are too good to answer questions from people that they deem as worthless and useless!  If that reporter had said that she was a mainstream media journalist such as CNN or NBC then he would have gladly taken some questions, it’s very obvious.  He knows that they will only report positive things about Klaus and the WEF, since they are bought and paid for by the Global Elite!

This is just another way that they are censoring and silencing those that oppose their narrative.  They don’t want to give any media attention to those that will disrupt their plans of a Great Reset!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!