The Global Elite Suffer From Delusions Of Grandeur While Deceiving The World Into Believing Lies!

Commentary By: Gordon King

There is a group of individuals that believe they are much more important than everyone else living on the planet.  I don’t know how many of them exist, but they must number in the thousands!  However, there are a few at the top of the chain that are actually in control, controlling the rest of them from the top down.  Most of them are puppets, being told what to do and how to do it, being told when to do it and how much to do!  These are the Global Elites!

They all have delusions, delusions of grandeur!  That is, they believe that they are much more important than the rest of us, most of them have more money and therefore more control and power over the things of this world.  But they also believe that they are smarter than us, that they have all of the answers, that they can solve the world’s problems, and many seem to even believe that they are gods!  They believe that they have supernatural intelligence and abilities, that they have the ability to change not only the world (via the manipulation of society and resources), but even people, into whatever it is that they desire them to be through artificial intelligence and transhumanism.

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For these people it’s all about control, and they really believe that they are the ones that should be in control of not only the planet but everyone and everything on the planet!  They believe that the order of the world must be controlled by them, that they are predestined to oversee the world and everyone living on it, they truly believe it!

They are manipulating everything in our society, such as the economy, energy, food supply, healthcare, transportation, and our identification.  They are manipulating it in order to control it, to change it to their liking and to their agenda towards a One World Government controlled by them!  Not only are they manipulating society, but they are also creating crises in order to establish this New World Order.

The Covid plandemic, the climate change narrative, inflation, food shortages, energy shortages, war, and more, are all planned and implemented by the Global Elite!  They have used fear and uncertainty to fool the masses into believing their lies, to follow along with their plans, to submit.  And sadly, most people have been deluded through this deception to believe it!  This was their intention; it was their plan from the very beginning.  They have created crises in order to implement their plans, and as they say, “never let a crisis go to waste”!

They are controlling Big Pharma, Big Business, and Big Banking, they give them protections that the rest of us would never get, and they receive bailout after bailout with no end in sight.  They are the money machines of the Global Elite!  Not to mention endless wars and the threats of nuclear war used by them to create even more money and propagate more fear among the masses.

The Global Elite have infiltrated most nations governments, many world leaders are part and parcel with them, not only influencing their own citizens, but instituting the plans of the Global Elite through them!  Many world leaders are demonizing their opposition, by either killing them, torturing them, imprisoning them, fining them, censoring them, banning them, or shaming them!  They are using power and control to silence them, whatever it takes!  They are using those people as an example of what will happen if you don’t follow along.  A common practice among dictators seeking control of a nation, tyranny!

The practices of the Global Elite are sinister, they are wicked and evil.  They use chaos and mayhem to destroy society, they promote division, lawlessness, and instability, as tools to destroy, all so that they can “Build Back Better” as they say.  It’s all part of the Great Reset my friends, the rebuilding of society to their liking, to their plans and agenda!

They sugar coat, they lie, and they deceive, they steal, they kill, and they destroy, just as their father the devil, all in order to make the world a “better” place!  They have deceived the masses into being complacent and submissive, and they have dumbed down society at large.  The dumbing down of society has been taking place for decades now, and it’s by no accident.  The dumber society is, the easier it is to implement their sinister plans!

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The dumbing down of society means that people don’t know what to think, nor do most know how to think for themselves.  Common sense is being replaced with whatever it is that these people are being told that it is, and the Global Elite are stepping in and telling them what to think and how to think!  It’s brainwashing, propaganda, and deception!!!  Control the minds of the people and you control the people!  Control the people and you control the world!!!

The Great Reset, just an illusion?  Perhaps a conspiracy theory?  Or is it actually a true conspiracy taking place?!  Is there really a group of Elite individuals seeking to take complete and total control of the planet and everyone living on it?  The proof is out there, they are telling us in no uncertain terms what their intentions are, do we believe them?

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!