Censorship and Banning by the Global Elite has left many people Dead or Disabled!

A sample of stories we have covered where people died or suffered crippling injuries after a COVID-19 vaccine. Health Impact News

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 “plandemic” the Global Elite have been censoring and banning anyone that speaks out against their narrative, anyone that even questions whether or not there just may be other alternatives in treating the disease.

Twitter’s censorship of COVID-19 information that didn’t match accepted ‘narrative’ cost lives, former Trump medical adviser says

Just perhaps, if people were able to read “all” of the information on Covid, the so-called “vaccines“, the severe adverse side effects, and alternative treatments, then just perhaps many of the people that have been severely injured would still be able to live a “normal” life or would still be alive today!

This my friends, is not only despicable, but also a grave and wicked scheme upon humanity!  

The Global Elite that are pushing this false narrative upon the world are in it for the purpose of taking control of the planet and forming a One World Government.  Their plan is to depopulate the planet and control everyone else still living on it!

If these people really cared about humanity, then they wouldn’t be pushing an unsafe, untested, and ineffective so-called vaccine upon the entire world.  And, once all of the reports of people becoming severely injured or dying after the injections were rolled out, they do nothing to stop it, but instead continue to push more and more of it!

Where is the mainstream media in reporting all of these injuries and deaths?  This is big news!!!  Yet all we hear from them are crickets!

Not only that, but draconian mandates forced many people into taking this deadly injection against their will.  They had to decide to either take it or risk losing their jobs, and we all know that most people decided to take it!

If more people had access to the truth about these injections, then more people would be alive today!  And if more people had banded together against them, then just perhaps their whole Covid “vaccine” narrative would have fallen apart, but it didn’t happen that way.  Instead, most people complied and went along with it, many to their own demise!

The Global Elite know that the media is power, that propaganda is a powerful force, and that who controls the media is able to spread whatever propaganda it is that they seek, whatever agenda they want to push and disseminate.  Therefore, they have bought and paid for the media, and they spread their propaganda to suit their agenda.

Not only have they bought and paid for the media, but they have infiltrated the government, and they pay millions of dollars to censor people that they don’t agree with!

FBI Pays Twitter $3.4M to Ban Accounts for ‘Misinformation’

It’s all about the money my friends, as I am certain that many government officials have also taken bribes in favor of the WEF.  Big Pharma, Big Business, even hospitals have taken bribes by the government to push this agenda and follow their wicked protocols that are killing people!

How the US Covid Treatment Protocol Maximized Hospital Admissions and Deaths

None of this makes any sense and it never ever happened before, unless of course you know the real reason why it is happening!  Follow the money trail, follow the WEF, listen to what they are telling us, world domination and depopulation, control the economy, the food supply, the energy, and healthcare, and you dominate the world!

In order to implement their plans, they must have cooperation, they must silence those who are speaking up against what they are saying, censorship, banning, shaming, mocking, and persecuting them!  They must use propaganda for the majority of people to blindly believe them and follow along.  

Thank God for the doctors, scientists, and others that are coming forward, speaking out, and making themselves heard about the truth of Covid injections!  Many of them have lost their licenses to practice, yet they remain vigilant in spreading the truth.  And even though they are being censored, they continue to get the word out in any way possible!

Even though it may be too little too late, we must continue to expose the darkness and spread the truth about these injections.  And just perhaps if more people were able to share the truth from the beginning, then there would be more people healthy and alive today!

I pray that those spreading the truth about the Covid injections and about alternative treatment protocols are able to share it with the world.  I pray that people come to their senses and see the truth, the truth about the injections, and the truth about what is really taking place in the world today!  I pray that many people see the light and turn away from these deadly protocols.  And I pray for the safety and protection of these brave people stepping forward to spread the truth!  In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!