Complete and Utter Madness! The World has gone INSANE!!!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world has gone stark raving mad!  Nothing makes sense anymore, almost everything has been twisted and turned upside down.  What we used to think as “normal” is now seen by most of the world as absurd, crazy, and a lie, as godly morals and values are being trampled upon and demonized. 

People are following draconian mandates and false science with the belief that it will somehow save them!  For some strange reason they have no more common sense, they cannot think for themselves, and they don’t seem to have the ability anymore to do a little digging and research, instead they just follow along blindly to their own demise!

A group of elite individuals, also referred to as the “Global Elite“, are controlling the entire narrative, and sadly, most people are eating it up, without even realizing what they are doing!  It’s insane!!!

The younger generation was born with cellphones in their hands and computers at their sides, most of them wouldn’t know what to do without them!  They are linked into a society that has programmed them to believe that they can’t live a “normal” life without them.  There main source of information comes from social media, and most of us (the ones reading sites like this one) should know by now that this information is nothing more than propaganda, censorship, and brainwashing!

We are raising a group of people that are attached to their cellphones and computers, a group that is easily swayed by the media, a group that will be much easier swayed by the agenda of the Global Elite!  It is now reported that the largest number of people living on the planet are under the age of 40!

The chart says that the population is equally divided by the “median” age, which makes it sound like the older population is just as big as the younger population, but that is not the case

The global average median age was 30 years in 2021 – half of the world population were older than 30 years, and half were younger.

The following chart is from the United Nations Pew research center, it shows us that the majority of the population worldwide for the year 2020.

The chart above shows us that 4.9, almost 5 billion people in the world today are below the age of 40, and there are slightly over 8 billion people in the world today.  That means most of the people alive today are under the age of 40, and how many more are between 40 and 45?

The fact is that the majority of the world’s population is under the age of 40, these are the people who rely mostly on their electronic devices for almost everything!  This is the generation that has been compromised by Progressive Leftist propaganda in school, has been taught that everyone deserves the same things regardless of what they actually earned, and are being taught that you can be a boy or a girl, or whatever it is that you decide that you are!

By no means am I saying that all people under the age of 40 are like this, but I am speaking about these generations in general.  I’m also not saying that this is the only group of people (age wise) that are blindly following along with the Global Elite, many people in their elder years are as well.  However, these generations have been groomed and brainwashed into believing many lies, and I believe that they are the most prone to the wicked schemes of the Global Elite!

As the older population dies off, they are replaced by the younger generations before them, and we are now seeing the effects of this in our society.  It’s a society that is largely run-on technology, on cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.  A society that relies heavily on these devices for social interaction, information, purchases, and banking.

The world today is being transformed by the Global Elite via the use of modern technology, cell phones, electric vehicles, and television, but it doesn’t end there my friends!  They are now in the process of developing and implementing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), brain implant microchips, and have already developed computerized implants for the hand.

My point about the world’s population being younger is not to bash those generations, on the contrary, it’s in order to show just how vulnerable they are to what is quickly coming upon us all, the tyrannical use of technology to usher in a One World Government!

The world is going through a period of mass genocide, with most people not even realizing that it’s happening!  They are voluntarily giving up their rights and freedoms in order to have security and safety, but it’s all a scam, a charade, an illusion!  The more freedoms people give away the less security and safety they have, and they never get it back!!!

The Global Elite will tell us that we can have more safety and security with our money, healthcare, and travel by using a digital currency, by implanting chips into our hands, so that no one can take our money or healthcare information away from us.  We will be told how safe and convenient that it is, and the younger generation will eat it up because they are so accustomed to using modern technology, it’s a part of their life, its who they are, it’s what they identify with.  They will use the convenience of it to entice people, no more using a key, no more searching for papers, no more losing your wallet or having your money stolen from you!  So many people will just love the idea!

There has been a steady decline in the number of professing Christians in America, and most of those are among the younger generations!

Is Christianity Declining? Why Christianity is Dying in America and Growing Elsewhere

Not only that, but many young professing Christians do not believe the whole bible to be true, and that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven!

New Survey Reveals 60 Percent of Christians Aged 18 – 39 Believe Jesus Not Only Way to Salvation

These people either don’t know what the bible says or don’t believe it, they will be led astray and follow the doctrine of demons!

If you are a bible believing Christian, then you should already be aware of what is taking place in the world, you should know that this Elite Group of individuals that talks about a Great Reset and a New World Order are in fact doing what they can at this very moment to make it a reality.  Their first goal is to depopulate the planet, they don’t need us, to them we are just useless eaters!

Yuval Noah Harari spills the beans: ‘We just don’t need the vast majority of the population’

They also plan on controlling us through the use of technology, brain implants!

WEF To Force Public To Wear ‘Brain Implants

The Covid Plandemic, Covid bioweapon injections, facemasks, lockdowns, implants, digital currency, social credit system, climate change, digital IDs and passports, all being used by the Global Elite to usher in their Great Reset Agenda!  Not to mention their created economic crisis, food crisis, healthcare crisis, energy crisis, and supply chain crisis, all being used as tools to implement their plans!

Wake up people!  The world is quickly changing and not for the better!  We need to speak up and out against them and their sinister plans and expose their wicked deeds.  We must know what is really taking place in the world.  However, the main thing that you should be concerned about is your relationship with Jesus Christ!

The way things are going in this world it’s only a matter of time before we meet our maker, and time seems to be getting shorter by the day!  Know where you stand with God, you are either for Him or against Him!  It’s either heaven or hell, no other choices.

The only way to heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Accept Jesus Christ now!  Before it’s too late!!!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!