Global Tyranny and Control via the Great Reset! It’s Happening!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is in the process of undergoing a transformation by a group of elite individuals.  This transformation, we are being told, is for our own good.  But who are these people to tell us what is good for us and who made them our overseers?  

This is the Great Reset spoken of by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.  Their plan is for complete control and domination of every single person living on the planet!  Control our food supply, the economy, our healthcare, and even religion.

Just recently, Klaus Schwab stated that China is a role model for many countries to follow.

WEF’s Klaus Schwab Says China Will Be a ‘Role Model’ in the ‘Systemic Transformation’ of the World

Why would anyone say that China is a role model to follow when China is a dictatorship, when it oppresses its people, unjustly imprisons its people, spies on its people, and controls its people?

China Is Building The World’s Largest Quarantine Camp with 90,000 Isolation Pods

People in China are being forced into quarantine camps against their will and made to pay for it!

The Chinese government has also welded some people into their own apartments so that they cannot leave!

China is also a leader with their Social Credit System which is already in use.

What is the social credit system?

The Chinese have developed systems to control the population, to control every single citizen living in China.  If you comply then you are rewarded, if you don’t comply then you are punished!

These are the things that Klaus Schwab is in favor of, controlling the masses of people by coercion.  Using tyranny to control people, forcing them to comply if they want to eat, to buy, to have access to healthcare, to live!

There has been a lot of chatter lately about Smart Cities, but what is a Smart City?

According to the WEF website:

What is a smart city? We’ve heard the term in contexts as diverse as urban planning and governance, transport, energy, the environment, health, and education. We’ve also noticed that the notion of smart cities relies on a range of technologies—including the internet of things (IoT), mobile solutions, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. 

In other words, a Smart City is one which every aspect of our lives is under surveillance via technology, cameras, the internet of things, mobile devices, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.  It’s the ultimate form of surveillance and control.

Smart Cities: Digital Prisons Of The Great Reset

During the past few years, we have been subject to lockdowns, to limited transportation, shopping, and even work.  People that did not comply with draconian mandates were punished for it, such as losing their jobs, not being able to enter establishments, and being ridiculed and shamed, some even imprisoned and fined.  This was only the beginning my friends, as the Social Credit System, along with Digital Currency, and Smart Cities will further enslave us to the Global Elite and their agenda!

‘SMART Cities’ worldwide being converted into ‘open concentration camps,’ says ex-Silicon Valley engineer turned whistleblower

This is how I see things going and the direction that they are headed in:

Under this transformation of society, people will be made slaves and serfs in their own environment, being controlled via technology.  Many will be further isolated and imprisoned in “concentration” camps, or as they will call them, FEMA or quarantine camps, or perhaps “safe havens”.  

When food shortages and energy shortages become so severe many people will have no choice other than to bring themselves to these “concentration” camps in search of food, shelter, and safety.  While others that are labeled as agitators and terrorists will be sent there against their will. 

The Climate Change Agenda will further the process along, as will more viruses and plandemics.  Government leaders will continue to institute severe draconian mandates and laws, requiring digital IDs in order to buy, sell, or trade.  As lawlessness abounds martial law will follow suit.  Every single aspect of our lives will be controlled by the Global Elite!

These things are not just planned to happen, they are already happening and in the works my friends!  We are already being spied on by our own governments, we are already being told what to do and how to do it, dissenters are already being punished and ridiculed.

The Federal Reserve is already testing out a digital currency.

Federal Reserve Launches Digital Dollar Initiative Days After Leading Cryptocurrency Firm Goes Under

These things are not in the future or speculation, they are here and happening now!  These things are all leading to the Mark of the Beast System my friends! 

The last two years under the Biden Administration have taken us to the point of national suicide and looming disaster, it has crossed the line to the point of no return.  And if the first two years were that bad, then what will the next two years be like?!  And it’s not just Joe Biden and his regime, world leaders across the globe are doing the very same things!

This is wicked and evil my friends, a spiritual wickedness that has permeated the world.  This evil knows no bounds, it grows exponentially, and is destroying the lives of billions of people worldwide!

The good Lord is ultimately in control of all things, and He is allowing these things to happen for a reason, all according to His will.  These things are the signs of the times, so that we will know the season that we are living in, the soon return of Jesus Christ!

The stage is being set so very quickly for the beginning of the Tribulation Period that it makes my head spin!  And when you see these things beginning to happen, then look up, for your redemption draws near!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!