Masses of People are Dropping Dead, not from Covid, but from the Covid Injections!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

In the beginning of this so-called “pandemic”, we were told by health authorities around the world that people would be dropping dead in mass from the corona virus, yet it never happened.  I have never seen anybody dropping dead on the streets or soccer fields from the corona virus, it never happened.  People may have died from the virus in the hospital, but many if not most of those people didn’t die from the virus itself, but from the treatment of the virus!

The “experts” led us to believe that if we didn’t come up with a vaccine fast and vaccinate everyone then we would see millions of people around the world dropping dead from the disease.  It sounded like we had an apocalyptic scenario on our hands, with people just dropping dead on the streets right before our eyes, but it never happened, or did it?

The Global Elite, Big Pharma, Healthcare authorities, all told us that we all need to be “vaccinated” in order to stop the spread of the virus, that it was the only way, along with social isolation, social distancing, and lock downs.  After the “vaccines” were released for emergency use, this very same group of people began pushing for mandates, take the injection or lose your job, take the injection or you cannot enter an establishment, take the injection or you will be ostracized and ridiculed by the rest of society!

These health “experts” planted fear into the hearts of the masses of people living on the planet, and thus billions of people worldwide followed along and agreeably allowed themselves to be injected with an unsafe, untested, and deadly concoction, or bioweapon!

It wasn’t until after the “vaccination” program was rolled out and well underway that we began to actually see people dropping dead right before our eyes!  Most of these people were young and otherwise healthy, no comorbidities, no reason for them to just die a sudden death for no reason at all, yet it began to happen in mass!

This is the irony of the situation, if you want to call it that, I prefer to call it a well calculated evil and wicked plan!  It’s a part of the Great Reset plan to depopulate the planet!

The introduction of Covid-19 was not the intended vehicle for killing off masses of people worldwide my friends, no, it was the so-called Covid-19 vaccines!  Covid-19 was merely used as a Trojan Horse, in order to instill enough fear into most people’s hearts that they would gladly subject themselves with anything that these officials tell them is safe, effective, and necessary to prevent the spread of such a deadly disease!  

The fact is that Covid-19 has a 99% survival rate for most people, and even higher for young people.  Yet, we were all lied to and told that it is so deadly that millions upon millions of people worldwide would be dropping dead like flies!  I think what they really meant, although they didn’t say it, is that millions and millions of people would be dropping dead like flies after the “vaccine” rollout!

This group of elite individuals uses mass propaganda at every level in our society, they use it in an attempt to brainwash people into believing their lies, and sadly, most have!

This is a nefarious and sinister plan, planned and implemented by evil and wicked people!  People that do not have our best interests at heart, people that are led astray and follow the doctrines of demons!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!