Covid-19 Jabs are Killing People and Seriously Injuring People, they are not RARE!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The so-called “Covid-19 Vaccine” is reported by Big Pharma, the government, and healthcare officials (they) as being both safe and effective.  They claim that severe adverse side effects are rare.

Is this the truth?  No!!!  It is now a proven fact that these injections are killing and maiming people around the world by the millions!  That my friends is not RARE!  Yet, they continue to push these injections on the world’s population and continue with their narrative that they are safe and effective, and that severe side effects are rare.

Young people around the world are dropping like flies, young, healthy, and physically active people.  When in the history of the world has this ever happened?  When have news reporters on television just suddenly passed out?  Yet now it seems to be common and frequent.

Why are so many people blinded to the truth?!  How can so many people be deceived into believing these lies?  And how can the agencies continue promoting these injections when the facts are right in front of our face?  

People have been brainwashed into believing these lies, they are conditioned to believe them, even when the truth is staring at them right in front of their face!  

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.”

The god of this age, Satan, has blinded many of the truth, they cannot see it!

The agencies that are lying about and promoting these injections already know that they are dangerous and deadly.  They know that the adverse side effects, including death, are not rare as they claim that they are.

If this was happening in the past with any other vaccine, then it would have been stopped immediately, but not with this one!  For some strange reason they continue to push it as safe, effective, and necessary to end the Plandemic, yet even after most of the world has been injected the Plandemic continues with no end in sight!

If this were really a vaccine, and if it was killing and seriously injuring people, then they would stop it immediately, that is, if they really cared about anyone other than themselves!

It would be strange if these people were “normal”, if they actually had our best interests at heart, but they don’t!  Their narrative fits perfectly with the agenda of the WEF and Global Elite, global depopulation!

It’s very sad to see so many people perishing after taking these injections, and it’s also very sad to see so many people seriously injured for the rest of their lives.  But the saddest thing is to see so many people die from the injections that were not born again!

If there was even a chance that these injections were killing and injuring people, then the people producing them and promoting them should stop their campaign and investigate the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, the governments of the world should stop them, but they aren’t!  This should not only raise Red Flags but should open our eyes as to what is actually happening.

Propaganda, brainwashing, it continues to this very day.  The MSM is being used as a tool by the Global Elite to spread this propaganda, the true “misinformation”.  

People are dying and becoming permanently disabled after taking these injections, yet they continue to push the narrative that these injections are safe, effective, and necessary.  Will there ever be enough people dying from these injections that they will stop their program?  No, of course not, that is their plan!

How many people have to die from these injections before churches stop their support and propaganda?  Church leaders need to wake up to the truth and not be “woke”!  They need to repent of their sins and lead their flocks into righteousness and truth, instead of into destruction!  I have personally heard pastors pushing the Covid jabs, it is sickening!

Those that are pushing the Covid-19 vaccine narrative are causing division and hatred against those that refuse the jab.  They are creating a group of people that they deem as dangerous, dissenters, and haters, they are shunned by their very own government and those that follow the narrative.  Those that are shining a light onto the dangers of the Covid jab are censored, shamed, and ridiculed, many have been terminated from their jobs, with no one to help them.  This is a very dangerous situation, one which could lead to further persecution of those that stand against the Covid vaccine narrative.

Those that are speaking out against the Covid vaccine narrative are being demonized and dehumanized.  And once they are dehumanized then they are easily euthanized!  Just as Adolph Hitler did to the Jews, dehumanized, then euthanized.  Another reason, another way, to depopulate the planet!

Speak the truth, uncover the darkness, and stand for righteousness!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!