One Step Closer to Digital Currency and the Mark of the Beast!

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We should all be aware right now that the government is planning on creating a digital currency.  However, what most of us probably didn’t know was just how soon it might happen!

the N.Y. Federal Reserve’s Innovation Center (NYIC) has now launched a 12-week pilot project along with major banks to examine the viability of a digital U.S. dollar.  (wccftech)

Here Comes the Digital U.S. Dollar: The NY Fed Has Now Launched a 12-Week Pilot Program for Digital Dollar Tokens

Here Come “Programmable Dollars”: New York Fed And 12 Banking Giants Launch Digital Dollar Test

It looks as though a digital currency in the United States, and most likely the rest of the world, will soon come to fruition.  What will this mean for most of the people living on the planet?

Don’t be fooled into believing that it merely means that we will be using a digital currency for our convenience, it goes much deeper than that, it is very sinister at its core!  

First of all, a digital currency will allow those in charge to control our every move, to control our finances and our freedom.  The digital currency system will be tied together with a social credit system, much like what they have in China.  If you don’t do or live as you are told, then your digital currency will either be frozen or taken away!  Those in charge (Global Elite) will be the ones controlling our every move, every transaction, and way of life.

However, we must also be aware that this is not their only motive, because it goes even deeper than that, more than likely even deeper than they themselves know!

What we see happening with the digital currency is leading to the coming Mark of the Beast system spoken of in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 13:16-17

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

This is just how close we are to the beginning of the Tribulation period my friends; it’s all being setup for the coming Antichrist and One World Government!

Just as the Global Elite will use the digital currency to control who buys or sells, the Mark of the Beast system will do the very same thing.  Merely a coincidence?  I think not!  People are being brainwashed in preparation for the Mark of the Beast system, so that it will be easy to convince most people to take the Mark.  However, in doing so you will be pledging allegiance to Satan, you will be worshiping him!

If they (Global Elite) are planning on testing this digital currency system out now, then just how soon might it be put into place?  I don’t know, however, I don’t see good things coming for the year 2023, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this system was instituted in the beginning of 2023, or not long after.

If you look back to the year 2020, it wasn’t a good year to say the least, the year 2021 worse, and the year 2022 even worse!  I can’t possibly imagine that the year 2023 would veer off course and not be worse than the preceding three years.

The world is on a trajectory headed for major disasters and mass destruction!  Once it builds and builds upon itself and picks up steam it’s very hard to stop, let alone slow down.  Just like the economy and inflation, it’s become so bad that the Fed cannot stop it by raising interest rates, it only makes things worse.

The sad thing is that these things are not just happening by chance, they were all preplanned by the Global Elite, for the most part anyway.  They created crises in order to destroy the current system, then they implement their solutions to rebuild the system according to their liking, not ours, this is what tyrants do!  It’s the Great Reset!!!

All of these things are signs of the closeness of Christs return!  As children of the light, as followers of Christ, we are to be aware of what is happening in the world and how it relates to bible prophecy, we are to know the season!

Matthew 16:2-3

He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’; and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.

Jesus commanded us to know the signs of the times, just as He did the Pharisees and Sadducees.  He gave us the signs to watch for, and He did it for a reason!  So that we would know the closeness of His return!

Look up my friends, for your redemption draws near!

Luke 21:28

Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!