Fossil Fuels, a Misnomer and a Lie, Straight from the father of all Lies!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We’ve been told by the “experts” that fossil fuels are the byproduct of decaying dinosaurs, but is this the truth?  And if it is the truth then why haven’t we run out by now?

The fact is that there couldn’t possibly have been enough dinosaurs to supply the population on earth with enough fuel to sustain itself for as long as it has.  And if we keep on drilling for oil and gas, then we will keep finding new deposits around the world.

The natural gas fields of Israel

The Leviathan gas field is located at a distance of 81 miles from the Israeli town of Haifa, at a depth of around 5000 feet below the Mediterranean Sea – making it one of the deepest finds of natural gas in the entire world. The number of gas reserves that are estimated to be in the Leviathan gas field is somewhere between 400 to 450 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Israel is a prime example of this, with new deposits being found below the surface, in fact thousands of feet below the surface, and these finds are enormous!

How did dinosaurs live 5000 feet below the surface of the ocean?  Thats just it, they didn’t!  Neither were plants living 5000 feet below the surface.

Some experts claim that fossil fuels didn’t actually come from decaying dinosaurs, but from decaying vegetation.  If that’s the case, then why are these gas and oil reserves found so deep below the surface of the earth’s crust?  Did plants also live thousands of feet below the surface?

I for one do not believe either of these two hypotheses, but rather believe that the good Lord created the earth to produce the oil and the gas.  To say that “fossil fuels” are created by dinosaurs is not only a misnomer, but a lie!

We’ve been told and are being told that fossil fuels are bad for the environment, however, in the United States the burning of fossil fuels is actually very clean.  We are told that the carbon emitted from the burning of fossil fuels is bad for the environment, but God has created the planet in such a way as to absorb the carbon, trees!

The “Climate Change Agenda” is also a lie, the world is not in a climate emergency caused by mankind.  Sure, people pollute, that’s not being a good steward of what God has given us.  However, to say that man is causing so much pollution as to change the weather is not only untrue, but also insane!

After the last two years of listening to the “experts”, do we really agree with what they have been telling us?  They told us that the “Covid-19 vaccines” were both safe and effective, but now we are seeing millions of people worldwide either dying from them or being seriously injured by them.  However, the “experts” keep telling us to mask up, to social distance, and to continue to be injected with these bioweapons.  This is the “science” that they claim is the truth, but is it?

By the same token, is the science also correct in their hypotheses that man is causing “climate change”?  What about all of the volcanic activity spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere?

About Volcanoes (USGS)

There are about 1,350 potentially active volcanoes worldwide, not counting the volcanoes under the oceans.

According to geological experts, there are thousands upon thousands of underwater volcanoes in the world, so many that they cannot all be mapped.  Many of these volcanoes are active, also spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What about all of the CO2 emitted from wildfires each year?

New Analysis Shows 2018 California Wildfires Emitted as Much Carbon Dioxide as an Entire Year’s Worth of Electricity (US Department of the Interior)

Climate: summer wildfires emit record amount of CO2

To say that the burning of fossil fuels is causing “climate change” is like saying that peanuts cause heart attacks, because I ate some peanuts just before I had a heart attack!  They have no proof of climate change, and even if the climate is changing, they could never prove that it was caused by burning fossil fuels, there are too many other variables involved.  Not only that, but the “scientists” are making assumptions and calculations from very small samples, then extrapolating them out in order to prove their hypotheses, and without taking other things into consideration, like active volcanoes and wildfires.  

“Fossil fuels” are being used as the nemesis under the guise of “Climate Change”, and it’s not even about the climate at all, but about complete and total control and submission of the people!  If the Global Elite pushing the climate change agenda actually cared about the climate and believed that burning “fossil fuels” were to blame, then why would they be flying all around the world in jets and driving gas guzzling vehicles, why would they have mansions along the coastlines, and why is their carbon footprint gigantic?!

Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites!!!  Their mantra should be do as we say and not as we do!  They know that burning oil and gas is not causing any climate change, if they didn’t then they would be doing what they are preaching, if they actually believed what they are preaching.  That’s just it, they have made “climate change” their religion, but they are very poor adherents to their own religion.  

God Almighty has given us gas and oil to use for our own needs, they are gifts from God.  And it is the good Lord that replenishes these things for our good.  The Global Elite are in the process of taking away what the Lord has given us, and it’s in order to meet their end goal, complete and total domination of the world!

Fossil fuels, a great big lie!  Climate Change Agenda, another great big lie!  It’s all being used as a ploy against us, all evil, all from Satan.  The WEF headed by Klaus Schwab is one of the main leaders in an attempt to take control of the world, just as Adolph Hitler attempted to do back during World War II.  Depopulate the world, alter the human gene pool (via mRNA vaccines, DNA manipulation, and technology), and control everyone living on the planet.  Brainwash the people, spread propaganda and lies, create chaos and crises, then rebuild society to their liking and agenda.  One of the main mantras of Klaus Schwab is “Build Back Better”, isn’t if funny that so many world leaders say the very same words?!  Coincidence?  Not on your life!

FALMOUTH, Cornwall, UK, June 13, 2021 (ENS) – The leaders of the world’s seven wealthiest democracies, the Group of Seven, G7, underlined their shared democratic values in today’s agreement to “beat COVID-19 and build back better.”

G7 Leaders Agree Global Agenda to ‘Build Back Better’

Fossil fuels, climate change, Covid plandemic, the economy, food shortages, energy shortages, fertilizer shortages, etc, all being used as tools by the Global Elite to usher in the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is it really the Fourth Reich?!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!


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