A Pattern is Emerging of Covid-19 Vaxxed Contracting Covid-19! …… I Thought That It Was Safe and Effective?!

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Commentary By:  Gordon King

According to the CDC, the President of the United States, Dr. Fauci, and many others, the so-called Covid-19 vaccines are both safe and effective in both preventing and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

The following is an excerpt from the CDC’s website:

What You Need to Know

    • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
    • Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in US history.
    • CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older and boosters for everyone 5 years and older, if eligible.

Are these statements the truth?  

Covid-19 “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective!  Millions of people are either dying after taking them or being injured by them, we will never know the real numbers.  

People are dropping dead like flies, and they call it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome!

Covid-19 “Vaccine” Tyranny Continues While The Evidence Against It Increases

They state that the “Covid-19 vaccines” are under the most intense safety monitoring in US history!  Really?!  This again is another lie!  Big Pharma has hidden the truth about the results from very small clinical trials, and the truth is coming out that this so-called vaccine is both deadly and can cause severe injury, it’s not a rare event as they claim.

Pfizer Director Admits Covid ‘Vaccines’ Were Not Tested for Fighting Transmission Before Release

Harvard study concludes covid jabs are more dangerous than covid itself

The CDC is recommending this so-called vaccine even for infants as young as six months!  After all of the evidence regarding the injection is proving that it is deadly, and the fact that children are at very small risk of either catching Covid or spreading it, a virus that is 99+% survivable, especially in children.

If the Covid “vaccine” was safe and effective as they claim that it is, then why are fully vaccinated people catching the virus and spreading it?

Why are so many “fully vaccinated” people catching COVID a second time? Because “long covid” is code for jab damage

CDC flip-flops AGAIN, now admits “fully vaccinated” people are spreading COVID-19

Vaccinated people can still catch COVID-19, MSM admits

The CDC, government officials, and health officials all told us that you cannot catch Covid-19 if you are fully vaccinated.  Is this the truth?  Now they are backtracking and saying that the vaccinated can still catch Covid-19 and spread it.  So, which is it?

TOTAL CONTRADICTION: CDC’s Director Dr. Walenski tells America Covid vaccines are effective, then says the vaccinated can spread Covid and need to wear masks again

5X-Vaccinated CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Tests Positive for COVID-19…….AGAIN

Even Joe Biden, who has supposedly been fully vaccinated and double boosted, contracted Covid.  I for one don’t believe that either of them took the Covid injection, because they both know that it is neither safe nor effective, but that it is deadly.  What reason would they have for claiming that they are “vaccinated” and then contracting the virus?

Well, many people are getting the jab, then coming down with Covid, so the powers that be needed to come up with a reason in order for everyone to continue to follow along with their scheme.  They use double talk, they actually claim both, that the “vaccine” is safe and effective, then at the same time tell us that even if you are vaccinated and boosted you can still catch the virus and spread it.  Of course, they are going to use themselves as examples for taking the injections, if they did it then it must be safe!

Their narratives change when it suits their goals, when things start falling apart, when the truth starts to come out.  Back tracking, double speak, gas lighting, it’s all the same. 

The damage that they have caused is done, but it’s not over!  People have lost their lives, their health, and many their livelihoods.  Now they are attempting to cover their tracks in order to save themselves.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!  Looking up!!!