The GLOBAL ELITE push for ELECTRIC VEHICLES, but what they DON’T tell you is HOW MUCH the ELECTRICITY to FUEL them will COST, if you can even GET IT!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There is a huge push by the Global Elite for everyone who has a car to switch from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles.  Many people have already chosen to cross over to the electric vehicle craze, and for a short amount of time they may be happy with their decision.  But just how long will that happiness last?!

There is an abundance of fossil fuels on earth, it’s not a matter of “do we have enough”, it’s a matter of “being allowed to drill for it”.  The Global Elite have a plan to control the entire planet and everyone living on it, it’s a part of their Great Reset plan and their Climate Change Agenda is one part of that puzzle.

The Global Elite will make owning an electric vehicle sound good, good for the investor and good for the environment, but is it really?

Sure, driving a vehicle without any emissions is a good thing, but where does the electricity actually come from?  Most of the electricity produced in the world comes from the burning of fossil fuels!  So that means that driving an electric vehicle actually does very little to lower the carbon emissions produced by electric vehicles (unless it comes from nuclear power plants, hydroelectric plants, windmills, or solar power, all of which there is not enough of for worldwide clean energy).  There are other questions which also must be investigated further, such as “How much is man actually harming the environment by burning fossil fuels?”, “How much carbon emission is emitted from natural events such as volcanic eruptions versus man-made?”, and “Is the reduction of carbon emissions actually a good thing for the earth (trees and plants rely on carbon emissions in order to survive)?”.  Another question to investigate: “Is Climate Change an actual crisis at all?”.  The earth goes though natural cycles of “climate change”, it’s called weather.  And for thousands of years the earth’s climate has changed over time, this is a natural process.

You can believe what you want to believe, but I believe that the “Climate Change Agenda” is all a part of the Global Elite’s plan to control and dominate every single person living on the planet!  Don’t believe me?  Then why are people being forced into buying electric vehicles, why is the food supply being decimated, why are they destroying the economy, why are they destroying our energy supply, why are people being forced to take an unproven, unsafe, and deadly experimental Covid-19 mRNA Bioweapon?!  The Global Elite are corralling us in a very specific direction, like sheep for the slaughter.  It’s all about control, those that control the energy, the food, the economy, etc., control the people.

Owning an electric vehicle might seem like a good idea for many right now, but what happens when the electricity runs dry?  What happens when there are shortages of electricity and when the power grid goes down?  Don’t think that it can happen?  What happens when the price of electricity skyrockets?

“How in the Name of God is This Possible”: Europeans Share Massive Energy Bills Ahead of ‘Terrifying Winter’

Power grid collapse looms: Drought forcing drastic cuts in hydroelectric power generation

There isn’t enough electricity for everyone to own an electric vehicle, plain and simple!  Not only that, but the current electrical infrastructure around the world isn’t prepared for it.

Electrical grids around the world are not able to handle such an increase in electrical production or distribution.  Many of the grids are already overloaded or in desperate need of repairs and upgrades.  So why haven’t these things been taken care of before the huge push for everyone to own an electric vehicle?  And how many people can afford to just go out and buy an electric vehicle?  Are those in charge actually that stupid?  Or do they have something else in mind, something very wicked and sinister?

Remember, the goal of the Global Elite (according to the Georgia Guidestones) is to depopulate the planet to under 500 million, and one way to do it is to limit the supply of energy needed to heat homes, to heat water, and to cook with among other things.  Without electricity many people will die!

Like I said before, many people have already purchased electric vehicles and they are very happy with them.  But how will they feel once there is not enough electricity, or the price to charge their vehicle becomes astronomically high, $200, $500, perhaps $1000 or more just to charge your car!

Californians are urged to avoid charging electric vehicles, days after state announced ban of new sales of gas-powered cars by 2035

That’s only the financial side of things, I haven’t even mentioned the other nefarious reasons why the Global Elite would want us all owning electric vehicles.  For one they can track our every move, they can also determine who goes where, when, and why.  At the touch of a button, they can shut down your car if you don’t comply with their agenda, such as “ESG Scores” or “Social Credit System”.

ESG is a globalist ‘scam’ meant to usher in ‘One World Government’: James Lindsay

The State of California just recently urged Californians to reduce their electrical energy usage due to high demand.  If the State of California is already at peak demand for electrical usage, then how do they expect everyone in the State to own an electric vehicle?  None of it makes any sense, unless of course you can see the forest through the trees!  It’s not about “clean energy”, it’s all about control!!!

Other questions that I have are: “What do they plan on doing with the dead batteries?”, “How will they have enough resources to manufacture those batteries?”, “Isn’t the mining of minerals needed for the manufacturing of those batteries bad for the environment?”.  If these people are really concerned about the environment, then why haven’t they addressed these issues?  Not to mention that the Global Elite are flying all around the world in their jets, burning tons of fossil fuels every minute, living in mansions that consume an exponential amount of electricity, yet they are concerned about everyone else driving gasoline powered cars!  They are the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen!

Wake up everyone, it’s not about the environment at all, it’s about total and complete control of the masses!!!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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