Mass Genocide by the Global Elite, and now they want us to Eat Bugs?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Global Elite have a plan to reduce the world’s population, of course it doesn’t include themselves!  Their plan according to the Geogia Guidestones, is to reduce the world’s population to no more than 500 million.  It all falls hand in hand with the WEF’s Great Reset.

How are they planning on doing this?  If we take a look back into recent history, we can see that other world tyrants and dictators, more specifically, Adolph Hitler, committed mass genocide by rounding up millions of Jews (mostly) and shipping them to concentration camps in cattle cars by rail.  This is where and when they were told to enter showering (gas) chambers, they were told that they were there to take a shower in order to be disinfected, but instead they were “gassed” to death!


My point to this is that the Global Elite are not at that point yet, they don’t want to draw any attention to what they are actually doing, mass genocide.  If they chose the same route that Hitler did then too many people would see what they are actually up to.  They chose a more subtle approach, by introducing a virus and creating a pandemic (plandemic), that was the first step, to cause fear in the hearts of people.  The next step was to offer a solution to fighting off the virus and keeping people safe, that’s where the Covid-19 “vaccines” came in.  They have created such fear in people that the acceptance of a “vaccine” would prove to be relatively easy, at least for the majority of people.  However, just as Adolph Hitler deceived the Jews by telling them that they were going to take a shower, the Global Elite have tricked the masses into believing that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are going to keep them safe!

It’s already proven that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are both ineffective and unsafe, in fact they are deadly!  But, they continue to push the narrative and push for more booster shots.  They cannot admit that the so-called “vaccines” are ineffective, unsafe, and deadly, if they did then they would be admitting to mass genocide!

So, this is where we are, billions of people still believe them, even though millions of people have died from their solution, and millions more severely injured.  These people just cannot believe that their own governments would do such a thing, so it cannot be true!

10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST

But, this was just the beginning of their plans to depopulate and control the planet.  According to the WEF, they must control every aspect of our lives, our healthcare, economy, media, travel, our minds, and yes, even our food!  Once they control all of these things then they have total control over all of us!

Don’t you find it quite strange that during this so-called pandemic, we are in the midst of a healthcare crisis, an economic crisis, a media crisis, a travel crisis, and now a food crisis?!  Just coincidence?  Not on your life!!!  It was all preplanned to happen by the Global Elite, the very same ones that brought the Covid virus and Plandemic upon us, the very same ones that mandated for everyone on the planet to be injected with a deadly bioweapon (the Covid-19 “vaccine”).  And isn’t it odd that we are seeing mass civil unrest around the world, that lawlessness is increasing by the day, and that judges are not sentencing the criminals, if they are even arrested in the first place?!  Just coincidence?  I don’t think so!!!

And strange things keep happening with our food supply, bird flu viruses causing the extermination of millions of chickens and turkeys, food processing plants catching fire and being destroyed, tens of thousands of cattle just dropping dead all at the same time.  All of this also happening while the Global Elite and their cohorts are pushing climate change agendas, while there is a fertilizer shortage, severe droughts and heat waves, once again, just coincidences?

Klaus Schwab has already told us that we will be eating bugs, and that meat will only be an occasional luxury!  But that’s only for those that are not a part of the Global Elite, of course they will continue to eat meat!!!

Gross! Eating bugs may give you parasites

We as humans were not made to eat bugs, God told us that meat is good for us.  Of course, there is always the exception, as John the Baptist did eat locusts and honey.  However, the bible does not speak of anyone else eating bugs (that I know of).  Perhaps John was able to eat the locusts because God told him to, and God protected him, we don’t know, but we do know that John was performing God’s will.  

How much research has actually been done on whether or not the human body can safely digest insects?  Of course, if you Google anything about insects for human consumption, close to all of the articles will talk about how bugs are good and healthy for humans, but they haven’t convinced me of that!  We also know that the AI these search engines use is very liberal and controlled by the Global Elite.  It censors out articles and posts that go against their narrative.  Besides all of that, who wants their diet to consist mainly of insects?  I sure don’t!

I believe that the Global Elite will force people to consume insects, this is their plan, that’s why we are now facing severe food shortages across the globe, so that they can “reset” our food supply and way of eating.  I don’t believe that eating insects will be safe for human consumption, nor do I believe that we would receive the proper nutrition from insects. 

If all of the people that have been injected with the Covid-19 “vaccines” have weakened or destroyed immune systems, if they cannot fight off even minor illnesses and diseases, then can you imagine if eating insects gives them parasites?  And if eating these insects doesn’t give us the proper nutrition that we need to survive, then how can they survive if their bodies and organs are already severely compromised?  I believe that this is also part of the plan of the Global Elite, part of the plan to depopulate the masses.

Stock up on food now, before you will be forced to consume mostly insects!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!