Prepare for Coming Food Shortages!!!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

There have been many reports for several months now that the world is facing severe food shortages in the coming months and into next year, and perhaps for years.  We’ve even been told by world leaders that they are expecting the world to have severe food shortages.

The main reason that they give for the coming shortages is the war in Ukraine.  It may be true that the war in Ukraine is causing some shortage of food, but it’s just a drop in the bucket!  Many regions in the world are in severe drought conditions, water tables are dropping, and there isn’t enough water to farm.  Climate change activists claim that this is the reason, and perhaps it is, but what has actually caused it to happen?  I for one believe that this was caused by the government seeding the skies with chemtrails, it’s been happening for decades now.

Crop failures now at CRISIS LEVELS worldwide as the United Nations declares war on FERTILIZER

I believe that other reasons for the coming food shortages are also man-made.  We have seen millions upon millions of chickens and turkeys destroyed due to a “so-called” virus.  We have seen dozens upon dozens of food processing plants destroyed by fire and explosions over the past several months.  And we have seen tens of thousands of cattle dropping dead for no apparent reason, except what the experts tells us was caused by the heat (except it’s never happened before).  And now farmers are being forced to plow under their crops because they either can’t afford fertilizer or there isn’t enough water.  Ranchers are selling off there catttle for slaughter because they don’t have enough food and water to feed them.  And there are numerous reports that the government has been paying farmers to destroy crops, paying them more money to do so rather then to sell them at market!

PLANNED FAMINE: US government has been paying farmers to destroy crops and livestock for YEARS

All of these things are leading to the perfect storm, conditions ripe for a coming severe world-wide food shortage, severe famine and starvation!  And if there is food available the prices are going through the roof!

Oklahoma cattle producers warn drought conditions could push beef prices to $50 a pound

I believe that all of this (most of it anyway) was preplanned and caused by the Global Elite.  It’s part of their plan to depopulate the world, via the Great Reset!  You can believe it or not, but severe food shortages are coming whatever you believe.  They aren’t worried about it because they have stockpiled millions of pallets of food in secure locations in order for them to survive.  But why haven’t they warned everyone else to prepare as they have?!

States And Feds Secretly STOCKPILING Food To The Roof!

The government is stockpiling food by the pallets, and for what reason?  Is it really for citizens that need it?  Or is it for their own agenda, for themselves and those defending them?  And if they know that they need to be stockpiling food, then why haven’t they told us to be doing the same thing?  Why are they not telling us to prepare for the coming severe food shortages?

Well, my friends, that is exactly what I am doing now!  The writing is on the wall, we have been and are being warned for months now that a severe food shortage is coming our way, as soon as this Fall, and for how long is anyone’s guess.  Whatever the reasons are, there is a food shortage crisis coming, and for those not prepared or ill prepared it won’t be a very pleasant time!

Not only will there be food shortages, but this will also cause much more civil unrest and lawlessness.  Many will resort to crime and violence in order to get food for themselves and their families.  It’s not only coming, but it’s already starting to happen.  Prepare by stocking up on food and medical supplies, but also have a means of protection and self-defense.

I’ve been warning people of the need to prepare for difficult times for years now, and the time is here, or very close to it.  You don’t have much time left (IMHO) to start preparing.  Food prices are already going up steadily, and it won’t be long before items start disappearing from the shelves.  Even if you can find them, will you be able to afford them?

I don’t know just how long it will be before things get bad, but the way it looks right now, we most likely don’t have a lot of time.  The food that we see on the shelves in the stores right now are from last year’s crops.  However, this year’s crops won’t be on the shelves until the Fall at the earliest going into 2023.  

If any of you have been paying attention, food banks have been overwhelmed already with record long lines of people waiting for handouts.  Many of these food banks are already stretched beyond their capacity, and many are running out of food to handout, and it’s not even bad yet!

New Jersey food bank shuts its doors after running out of food, supplies: ‘It’s heartbreaking’
US Food Banks Are Running Out of Supplies as High Prices Rock Biden’s Economy
‘Overwhelmed’ food banks forced to turn people away after running out of food

Stock up on food items now my friends, do it while you can.  Canned foods, boxed foods, dried foods, whatever you would normally eat.  Try to buy foods with nutritional value, not just calories.  Try to buy canned meats that provide protein.  Stock up on fresh water or have a local water source and have ways to purify the water.  Make sure you have alternative ways to cook and heat your food.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed many items that I normally buy have gone way up in price, and the food shortage hasn’t even hit us yet.  I used to pay $9.99 for a 3 pound can of Kirkland coffee, if I remember correctly, the last time I saw it that same can was approximately $14 (I’ve been trying to buy cheaper coffee).  That’s close to a 50% increase in a very short period of time.  (Edited: 8/22/22; just checked Costco, $15.99 a can, a 62% increase!)  How much will that coffee cost by 2023?  I also used to pay $9.99 for a six pack of Kirkland canned chicken, that same six pack now costs $15.99!  That’s more than a 50% increase!

Take heed my friends, stock up on food now, do it while you still can find it and afford it!  The time is quickly coming that you may not be able to do either!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!