Accomplishments during the Biden Administration, it isn’t pretty! Seems like a Great Reset!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

During the Biden administration the world is becoming a darker place to live.  In fact, after Joe Biden was sworn in a President, things have been heading South at a very rapid pace!

What are the accomplishments of his administration?

  • Severely limited the production of fossil fuels (making us energy dependent)
  • Severely reduced the size of our military via Covid mandates
  • Severely degraded the effectiveness of our military (focusing instead on gender pronouns and trans-sexual reassignment surgeries)
  • Weakened the United States internationally by making horrendous decisions (ie, Afghanistan, sending billions of dollars and military supplies to Ukraine)
  • Damaged and reduced our police force (supported defunding the police)
  • Effectively caused increased crime and lawlessness
  • Caused inflation
  • Overloaded our healthcare system
  • Degraded our healthcare system
  • Fired thousands upon thousands of healthcare workers
  • Mandated and pushed Covid-19 “vaccines” (which is killing and injuring thousands of people, if not millions)
  • Pushes the “Climate Change Agenda” which will increase food shortages, energy shortages, inflation, and taxation
  • Supports abortion (as a so-called Catholic, the murdering of the unborn)
  • Building up the IRS to become a militant force against the people
  • Signed a Bill to create a digital currency (CBDC, which can and will be used to spy on people and control people)
  • Using Federal Agencies as a political weapon (ie, FBI, CDC, etc.)
  • Open Southern Border (millions of illegals entering America)
  • Pushing for gun control (disarm law abiding citizens so that they cannot defend themselves)

These are only some of the things that his administration has accomplished, wow, what great accomplishments!  Not!!!  Not one of them is in the interest and well-being of the American people, not a single one!  And I haven’t said one thing yet about his dealings with China or Hunter Biden and his deals.

This is where we now stand under the Biden Administration, we are in the middle of a supply chain crisis, an energy crisis, increasing inflation, at the brink of a world war 3 (nuclear) with Russia and China, we have a fertilizer shortage, severe droughts and water shortages, animals are either being slaughtered due to “so-called” viruses or just dropping dead by the thousands all at once for no apparent reason, dozens upon dozens of food processing plants catching fire or exploding and being destroyed, we have a border crisis (millions of illegal aliens have crossed the border), and we have the greatest division among Americans since the Civil War!

Not only that but we are seeing an extreme increase in both homelessness, crime, and violence throughout America (mostly in Democrat run cities and States).  Is this what he meant when he said: “Build back better”?!

What has the Biden administration actually done that has built anything back better?  In fact, what has it done to actually build anything?!  I don’t see it!  What has his administration done to unite America?  Nothing, in fact just the opposite, their intent is not to unite us, but to polarize us against each other!

What are they doing about the energy crisis, the food shortage crisis, about any crisis?  The world is now facing severe famine in the coming months and years ahead, what is being done about it besides eating bugs and fake meat?!  What is being done about people just suddenly dropping dead for no apparent reason?  Young and healthy people just dropping dead, many of them athletes, just dying from what they are calling: “Sudden Death Syndrome”!

What I do see is this administration tearing things apart and ushering in a wicked and evil agenda, one that follows right along with the WEF and the Great Reset!  I believe that’s exactly what he means by “build back better”.  Destroy our current way of life and usher in tyranny, control, Marxism, Communism!

Nothing that he or his administration have done will benefit the American people, or for that matter anyone else in the world.  What they are doing falls right in line with what Klaus Schwab has planned via the Great Reset!

Destroy national sovereignty, depopulate the world, control the people via food, money, energy, water, and healthcare.  Implement more and more control over the people, keep them in fear.  All of this is wicked and evil my friends, and if you cannot see it then you are either blind or completely brainwashed!

What has Biden done to better our infrastructure as he claimed that he would?  And if you are a climate change activist, what has he done to reinforce the electrical grid, or for that matter to build any solar power stations?  Where, I haven’t seen any!  That’s just it, he hasn’t done anything, electrical power for the most part comes from burning fossil fuels, and they know it!

So where is all the money going that was set aside for climate change?  The government has earmarked hundreds of billions upon hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change over the past couple of years, what have they done with the money?

If these people really believed in climate change, then they wouldn’t be flying all around the world in their jets that burn fossil fuels like crazy!  They wouldn’t be living in multimillion dollar mansions right along the coastline, but they do!  And whatever happened to the “carbon footprint”, they are the biggest abusers of this, living in their mansions, owning multiple homes, consuming enormous amounts of energy.  They are also the biggest hypocrites the world has ever known!   It’s all a farce my friends, a ploy to take more and more control of the people, the commoners, the workers, the little guy, not the elite like themselves.

The accomplishments of this current administration haven’t been for the American people, but against the American people!  The accomplishments of this administration fall right in line with Klaus Schwab and his agenda, a Great Reset!

The Global Elite believe that they are the only ones that should be enjoying luxuries in life, such as owning a home, or multiple homes, eating the best food available, flying around the world in jets, vacationing everywhere in the world, wearing the best clothing, etc.  While at the same time they want us renting our homes, eating bugs and perhaps being cannibals, no more meat but rather lab grown fake meat, riding a bike instead of driving a car, etc., the list goes on!  According to them we are nothing more than useless eaters!

All of these things are signs of the times that we are living in, the end times, the last days, the days just before the return of Jesus Christ, the times just before the rapture of the church!  It’s no coincidence that all of these things are happening all at the same time and in such great numbers and frequency.  Everything is not falling apart as it seems to be, but, falling into place as God told us that they would, all according to His plan!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!